NOW Design Spotlight COVID ReBound Edition

29 May 2020 | Lucy Grant

Welcome to the NOW Design Spotlight COVID ReBound Edition. It's finally starting to feel like we are getting back to life, and so this month we are shining a light on some outstanding examples of what the COVID Rebound might look like. 

We sat down with Kirsten Mann- Global VP Product Experience, Construction & Engineering Global Business Unit, Oracle, Ronnie Peters - Creative Director at Studio 360 & Hyperloop Transportation Technologies , and Julia Monk FAIA FIIDA - Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer, former SVP at HOK to discuss eight design projects that are bringing whimsy and excitement whilst also solving real and important human needs.

#1_WAVE with Anamorphic Illusion - d'strict | Commercial - Visual
Truman's Cleaning Range - Truman's | Social and Community-Oriented Design - Object
TourBox - TourBox Tech Inc | Commercial - Object
Nito NES Electric Scooter - Nito Bikes | Commercial - Object
VanMoof S3 e-Bike - VanMoof | Commercial - Object
Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV - Samsung | Commercial - Object
The 6 Feet Office - Cushman & Wakefield | Social and Community-Oriented Design - Systems
Spot Social Distancing Robot - Boston Dynamics/ National Parks Board / Smart Nation and Digital Government Group | Social and Community-Oriented Design - Object

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