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VanMoof S3 e-Bike [DRAFT]

Image Credit : VanMoof


Project Overview

With an updated motor, automatic electronic gear shifting, and integrated anti-theft tech, the VanMoof S3 is custom-tuned for the ultimate riding experience.



Project Context

VanMoof have upgraded their acclaimed S2 e-bike with a raft of advanced new features that elevate it even further in the e-bike market.

Project Innovation

Powered by a 504Wh battery, the S3 boasts a brand new 250 - 500W intelligent motor that runs near-silently – even at top speed, delivering 60 - 150 km of range depend on which one of four power modes are engaged.

The Smart Cartridge controls all onboard systems, processing real-time motor feedback to ensure maximum range and motor responsiveness.

The S3's industry-first automatic electronic gear shifting gives the smoothest ride ever, with four speeds to flatten every urban incline.

Fully integrated front and rear hydraulic brakes deliver precision stopping power in all weather conditions.

Additionally, the VanMoof app allows riders to effortlessly unlock their bike, and configure everything from the gear change moments to the digital bell sound.

For peace of mind, the S3's onboard alarms and smart location tracking are specially designed to give bike thieves nightmares, utilising tamper protection and allowing the owner to remotely lock down the bike using the app.

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