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TourBox [DRAFT]

Image Credit : TourBox Tech Inc.


Project Overview

TourBox is an innovative controller dedicated to digital creators.

Whether you are using graphic design software, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Capture One, drawing software, like Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio and SAI, or video and audio editing software, like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci, Audition and C4D, you can use TourBox to operate creative software in an incredibly intuitive way and enjoy more freedom to edit and optimize your creative experience.


TourBox Tech Inc

Project Context

The original inspiration for this product came from the founder of TourBox' daily processing of photos and videos. He found that using traditional keyboards to operate editing software was complicated and less efficient, and his ideas were often interrupted by operational problems. However, there was no product on the market that could truly solve these problems, except for traditional keyboards. It was impossible to find an intuitive, convenient tool that could deal with editing software.

Project Innovation

A versatile knob enables you to easily control the size, flow, transparency and hardness of the brush without interrupting your workflow, allowing you to focus on your creation. There will no longer be interruptions to your whole workflow when you use a brush to edit your creation.

Dragging your mouse to control software is now history, as the dial on TourBox gives you all the controls you need, whether it is slider control, numerical control, frame stepping or a quick search.

You can realize a series of navigations, such as screen zoom, canvas rotation, and timeline adjustment, by using a wheel, knob or dial on TourBox. The device empowers you to control the software in a more intuitive, efficient and accurate way. The side button, top button and short button can also enable you to access extra advanced functions.

By pressing the cross button, you can easily and accurately switch between multiple tools and view the real-time status of different tools with the HUD function enabled.

The knob, wheel, dial, and buttons can be operated independently or in combination. You can adapt TourBox to various editing software by setting as many as 42 convenient operations as keyboard shortcuts or built-in functions of the TourBox console.

Design Challenge

TourBox spent two years developing their product to ensure that it had a longer service life, could be used with a wider range of applications, and offered creators an optimal user experience. They also built an all-new underlying framework to overcome various problems, including the logic problems of mixed operation, component durability problems, Generic Interaction Protocols, integrated human-computer interaction design, and more.

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