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Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Samsung

Project Overview

The Terrace expands Samsung’s lifestyle TV portfolio and takes QLED 4K viewing outside with brilliant picture quality, a robust smart TV experience and rugged durability



Project Context

The Terrace is a Samsung Smart TV that is specifically designed to bring the full indoor entertainment experience outside. A consumer model of The Terrace is launched in the U.S. and Canada in May 2020, followed by rollouts to Germany, Australia, New Zealand and other regions later this year. And for businesses, a professional model will be launching this summer.

Project Innovation

The Terrace offers a crystal-clear display to increase visibility in all sorts of outdoor conditions. It provides a brightness level of 2,000 nits, ensuring that users will be able to enjoy content in vivid picture quality, even in broad daylight.

Its QLED 4K display is perfect for sports fans: with a high motion, it provides clear, lifelike picture quality, ideal for motion-intensive content. Also, the display is coated with anti-reflection and adaptive picture technology which optimizes content by analyzing its surroundings to minimize unwanted glare.

Moreover, The Terrace also has acquired high standards in water and dust resistance, boasting an (Internal Protection) IP55 rating — a measure of resistance against moisture and foreign bodies such as dust.

An IP55 rating means The Terrace can withstand low pressure water jets from any angle, and is highly resistant to dust ingress, being only one grade below that of vacuum sealed enclosures.

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