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NOW Awards Collection 8

The NOW Awards and Podcast is a monthly collection of extraordinary design projects curated by our advisory panel of global design giants.

12 October 2018 | Mark Bergin

Welcome to the eighth collection of the NOW Awards - a collection of extraordinary projects from around the DRIVENxDESIGN community. Curated by our advisory panel of global design giants, NOW showcases the newest projects, latest trends and inspiring futures across design, experience, tech and innovation.

The outstanding projects in this collection positively embrace the power of innovative technologies through some incredible object, experience, architectural and systems design. Awards Chair Mark Bergin and Co-Presenter Kirsten Mann - SVP Product & Experience at Aconex - present their take on the NOW Collection 8 highlights.

You can listen to the podcast here and view the NOW 8 Collection here.

View the complete NOW 8 Collection.
Jaguar E-Type Zero - Jaguar Classic | Concept - Systems
Svart - MIRIS, Snhetta & Powerhouse | Concept - Space
Carlsberg Snap-Pack - Carlsberg & NMP Systems GmbH | Social and Community-Oriented Design - Object
GP at Hand - NHS | Social and Community-Oriented Design - Systems
Solid - Inrupt | Commercial - Systems

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