2017 London Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design, design champion, best studio & best start-up, plus over 40 specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage, growing demand for design

The Best of the Best


The following awards celebrate the participants whose work has excelled most during the ratings period. From ratings given by both judges and the marketplace, they have earned their title as Best of the Best.

Design Champion

Vodafone View

New Logo for Vodafone by Brand Union
Graphic Design - Identity and Branding | Commissioner: Vodafone  | Creator: Brand Union

VOXI Launch
Marketing - Branded Experience | Commissioner: Vodafone | Creator: We are Vista

Capital's Monster Mash-Up with Vodafone
Marketing - Event Experience | Commissioner: Vodafone | Creator: FreemanXP EMEA

Best Design Studio - Less than 5

Cascade StudioView

Cascade Group Extranet
Digital - Business Operations | Creator: Cascade Studio | Commissioner: Cascade Group

Octopus Clinic Website
Digital - Health | Creator: Cascade Studio | Commissioner: Octopus Clinic

Mandela Concerts Brand Identity
Graphic Design - Identity and Branding | Creator: Cascade Studio | Commissioner: Salamanca Group

Best Design Studio - 5 to 20

Don’t Panic Partners View

Graphic Design - Identity and Branding | Creator: Don’t Panic Partners  | Commissioner: Union Developments

Behind Every Kick
Graphic Design - Identity and Branding | Creator: Don’t Panic Partners | Commissioner: Behind Every Kick

Autism Uncut
Graphic Design - Identity and Branding | Creator: Don’t Panic Partners  | Commissioner: The National Autistic Society

Best Design Studio - 20+

Goddard LittlefairView

The Gleneagles Hotel
Interior Design - Hospitality | Creator: Goddard Littlefair | Commissioner: Ennismore

One Park Drive
Interior Design - Residential | Creator: Goddard Littlefair | Commissioner: Canary Wharf Group