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Image Credit : James Genchi, Designer/Developer, We are Vista


Project Overview

To appeal to a social media-savvy younger audience, Vodafone launched VOXI – a mobile network with unlimited access to social media apps. Dynamic, disruptive and endlessly creative, VOXI rewrote the rules for mobile phone operators. To introduce the brand to Vodafone’s 12,000 colleagues we needed an equally revolutionary campaign that immersed staff in the VOXI experience, made them feel part of the external brand launch and inspired them to share VOXI with friends, family and the wider world.

Project Commissioner



Project Creator

We are Vista


Callum Barr - Project Manager, Ash Billinghay - Senior Copywriter,
Dan Lindley - Head of Design, James Genchi - Designer / Developer , Lewis Hankin - Senior Designer / Developer, Matt Mosley - Digital Producer, Rick Dooley - Producer / Director, Ben Bloquet - Production Manager, Steph Taylor - Designer, Rayna Jeffrey - Senior Event Producer, Lynne Pearson - Senior Design Producer, Ben Kostrzewa - Senior Production Manager, Abbie Moakes - Junior Designer, Marc Allott - Campaign Director

Project Brief

VOXI from Vodafone was the first mobile network targeted at the 16 – 25 mobile market. With significant support from Vodafone, a clear USP and an ambitious campaign plan, it was a revolution in the making. However, to truly make it a success, Vodafone needed to get their colleagues on board.

Our challenge was to launch VOXI to Vodafone’s diverse internal audience and appeal to a wide range of age groups, across different Vodafone locations. Our campaign also had to capture the dynamic energy and spirit of VOXI, build belief in the brand and provide clear reasons to recommend VOXI to friends and family.

We didn’t just want to get Vodafone staff talking, we wanted them to sign up for the service and become brand advocates along the way. Our creative execution also had to reflect elements of the external campaign and create a strong, joined-up narrative that clearly explained the VOXI story to every colleague.

Project Innovation/Need

When it came to educating colleagues about a revolutionary platform, we needed a game-changing
brand experience to match. We wanted people to share in the excitement and feel part of the launch.

To reflect the endless possibilities of VOXI we created a nationwide campaign that brought the world of VOXI to every colleague. We began with an immersive pre-launch campaign that featured 1100 mirrored vinyl posters - giving colleagues a glimpse of themselves inside the VOXI ‘frame’ and hinting at the possibilities ahead.

Taking in 9 sites, our Launch Day campaign transformed the working day for over 12,000 Vodafone staff. From 5m high VOXI cubes on site entrances, to flare screens broadcasting live content and feeds from the VOXI network, we brought VOXI’s black and white brand identity to every surface. Then, dialled up the excitement with energetic live performances, DJs, dance crews, parkour artists and street art – mirroring the endless creativity of the external campaign.

The VOXI Pod - a walk-in interactive video pod also allowed staff to step inside the VOXI brand. Once inside, colleagues could play games, share content, complete a questionnaire and view exclusive VOXI content. People could also share selfies and sign up to become brand ambassadors. And by making the Pod a room-within-a-room. we encouraged more colleagues to immerse themselves in the VOXI world.

We also left colleagues with memorable giveaways that ensured VOXI stayed front of mind for weeks to come.

Design Challenge

A fresh new brand demanded a fresh new tone of voice and an innovative approach. Our solution had to be flexible enough to work across digital, film, print and the live experience – while capturing the energy and spirit of the external consumer launch.

As this was the first time VOXI had been rolled out internally, our work set a precedent. However, each element had to seamlessly link to the existing external brand campaign.

One of our key challenges was to get across the VOXI offering to staff who were both inside and outside of the target age-range. While VOXI was clearly aimed at a 16 -25 audience, we had to ensure all our communication was inclusive, yet on brand.

The need to simultaneously launch the VOXI brand across nine different locations also posed several logistical challenges. To create the same level of impact in every workspace, our designs had to work in different rooms and environments, and be flexible enough to fit restricted layouts.

User Experience

The best way to describe the VOXI experience was to encourage people to take part. So from start to finish our campaign encouraged interaction.

The VOXI colleague experience began before launch day with a teaser campaign that introduced the VOXI visual style and built a sense of anticipation with screen-saver countdown clocks, intranet take-overs and bespoke emails that invited colleagues to become part of something bigger. Mirrored vinyls also brought the VOXI brand to every office, washroom and colleague across the Vodafone network.

By co-ordinating our campaign with the external VOXI brand launch, we made sure launch day was a complete surprise. From taking over key commuter roundabouts with giant VOXI cubes, to creating VOXI stages for impromptu performances, we transformed nine Vodafone sites, inside and out

We also drafted in the artists, musicians and creative collaborators who had crafted content for VOXI’s social platforms – to create an endlessly inspiring programme of live spectacles and events.

We even created and streamed a live illustration to mark the occasion leaving colleagues with a permanent reminder of the day. This in turn was shared live on the VOXI platform.
Colleagues were also inspired to make their own contribution via our VOXI Pods and share their own selfies and content, alongside high-profile celebrities, influencers and social media disrupters.

By actively encouraging colleagues to take part, we made educating our audience intuitive, inspiring and most of all fun – everything that VOXI aspired to be.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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