2015 [app] design awards UK

mobile, web, IoT, desktop, connected devices
design champion, best studio, best start-up & IoT
plus 20 specialist nomination categories

demand design, celebrate courage

Best Studio - Medium

The 'Best of' award celebrates the best studio/development house that consistently achieves excellence in app design. Winners will awarded according to the body work submitted across all categories and the overall rating score and will be presented in three categories based on business size Small - less than 5 employees, Medium -5 to 20 employees and Large - greater than 20 employees.   

All eligible nominations will be automatically submitted for this award.   

Studio Partner Nominations
Studio Partners can sign up for 6, 12 or 18 nomination packs. This provides a bulk discount, plus site branding for your studio along with a dedicated list of studio nominations. It gives your studio the capacity to gather all your projects into the one collection. 
Studio partners fit into three motivations - brand building, brand presence and project pride. Nothing tells a client and team that you are proud of your work more than submitting it into an awards program. Multiple nominations are a key way to build standing in the best studio award. The Best Studio is an aggregate score of project ratings, past awards programs indicate that winners have had between 4-8 nominations.

Prices from:

6 pack £640, 12 pack £1280, 18 pack £1920

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