2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards

iSurvive [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Ever feel unsafe? In less than 5 seconds, if you're abducted, attacked, suffer an accident or medical emergency, iSurvive® can tell your loved ones what's happened and where you are. And with its unique range of additional personal safety and reorientation aids, iSurvive® is truly your ultimate rescue app.




iSurvive was inspired by a tragic case of abduction in the UK in 2011. The victim's mobile phone signal was eventually pinpointed to a secluded forest location, but it was too late: by the time the police found the victim she had been murdered. The nation mourned, and iSurvive's award-winning creator Tom Hunt was driven to develop a superior system of rapid alarm-raising during emergencies. Tom knew of course that emergency situations are many and varied, and together with an expert team created the only emergency rescue app on the market (to date) capable of making the crucial distinction between an attack, when the most appropriate responders may be the police, and an accident, when it is usually best to summon medical or emergency rescue services.

Project Brief

Your powerful personal safety companion, iSurvive combines rapid-action emergency alerts, GPS tracking and a unique collection of additional features to aid an efficient rescue.

Time is of the essence for an attack or accident victim: the quicker and more efficiently the alarm can be raised, the better the chances are for an effective rescue. The iSurvive personal safety app addresses this in a simple and very robust way. With a little practice you will not have to think, or hesitate, in rapidly deploying iSurvive to call for your emergency rescue.

But there is more. Not all emergencies call for lightning-fast reactions, and iSurvive has a manual mode and a unique collection of additional features to see you through a difficult moment.

Project Need

Unlike other panic-button apps, iSurvive is multidimensional. Not only does it differentiate, uniquely, between the two major umbrella categories of emergency – attack and accident – but it provides the user with an unprecedented further range of versatile tools, with which to handle almost any dangerous or difficult situation. It can be said that iSurvive is the “Swiss army knife” of rescue apps.

Also unique amongst panic-button apps, iSurvive has been designed, refined and exhaustively tested to ensure that it provides the most positive, direct and comprehensive user experience.

User Experience

• Use iSurvive's automated panic-button functions when every second counts:

With just three touches, and within 4 or 5 seconds, your iPhone dispatches an appropriate pre-written emergency alert SMS, including your GPS location and a Maps link, to up to three pre-chosen recipients best suited to coordinate your rescue. The names and mobile numbers of all recipients are presented in the SMS, to facilitate rapid communication between them.

If you are moving, or being moved, iSurvive automatically transmits your GPS location and Maps link updates, in real-time. The recipients of your emergency alert can track you via a second link within the SMS. The updates continue until you deactivate the emergency mode.

• Manual Mode, for use when time permits a full explanation:

Each manually-typed, bespoke SMS includes your GPS location and Maps link, delivered to the same pre-chosen recipients.

Since this mode is under user control, there are no location auto-updates and hence no need to deactivate the app.

• Additional Features Include:

-One-touch Call International Emergency Services.
-My Location: Shows you where you are on a satellite map, including your GPS coordinates.
-Point: A 3D, two-mode navigation and reorientation aid.
-Light: A three-mode feature which functions as a flashlight, flashes "SOS" in Morse Code, or turns your typing into Morse Code flashes.
-False Deactivation: A ruse, for use when an aggressor is forcing a victim to cancel their Attack Alert.

Project Marketing

An initial PR campaign delivered press, radio and TV coverage. Subsequent ongoing marketing efforts have concentrated on Facebook Mobile App Install Ads conjoined with Google AdWords & ReMarketing.

Project Privacy

iSurvive does not harvest any data nor retain any sensitive information, and the limited location-based data generated by iSurvive is closed-loop shared between the app user and their up to three specified emergency contacts, whom they have had to select via the app's Settings.

This category relates to applications that provide or promote a medical service or information.
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