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Vikings Reward Kiosk [DRAFT]


Project Overview

The Vikings is a Canberra based not-for-profit organisation that has a diverse member group and offers a wealth of facilities, entertainment and dining options. Members earn loyalty points through purchasing of food and drinks and playing the electronic gaming machines. Access to the Vikings Loyalty rewards and initiatives is currently provided through large kiosk terminals like arcade game machines. These terminals are not strongly used by members and don’t invite to engage through their large size and boring interface. The organisation was looking for a way to increase engagement with their members and connect them to their existing loyalty program.

Project Commissioner

The Vikings Group

Project Creator

Alive Works


Max Beuster - Business Design
Sylvain Garcia - Experience Design
Luke Coe - Solution Architecture

Project Brief

The key objective was to simplify the experience for members through ease of use and simple design when engaging with the Kiosk. To achieve this the integration of the iPad Kiosk application into all external systems had to be seamless and the design had to be clean and align to Vikings strong branding and corporate style guide to be clearly recognised by members.

The new Vikings Kiosk Application had to exist within the Vikings technology ecosystem.

1. Loyalty program: Aristocrat Solution 7000 managing loyalty points at point of sales and gaming machines
2. Member access: Access to loyalty program are facilitated through a magnetic card, so the application had to authenticate users by swiping their member cards
3. Member details: Name and balance points needed to be displayed and point balances updated in the loyalty system
4. Print out: Offers needed to be viewed in application and printed out

Project Need

The Vikings Kiosk application represents an important step for the organisation to achieve a cutting edge user interface for member facing applications. It will enable the organisation to actively drive the way members interact with the brand in a digital way and engage with the loyalty program.

The application ties together the existing loyalty system that integrates Point of Sales and Playing and allows members to redeem points for products and experiences broader than internal food and drinks only. 

Alive commenced the project with a design workshop to validate the features outlined by Vikings in the project planning phase. During the workshop, we sketched all features and challenged the value for the members where possible. This approach helped us to design a steam lined application that addressed the problem statement and vision.

The application enables club members to:
- Learn more about the loyalty program 
- Review points balances 
- View all offers available
- See offers available to them
- Redeem offers and print offer vouchers

User Experience

Alive is design-led firm, combining human-centred design, lean start-up principles and agile software development. We focus on our solutions with an entrepreneurial lens, challenge traditional thinking to find new solutions and work in multidisciplinary teams to bring different perspectives to tackle problems.

We are collaborative and take a co-design approach to produce products and services that are simple and just work. Our approach to the Kiosk design was consistent. We spent time with the Vikings team to understand the needs and wants of the organisation, the broader member base they aspired to attract, and technology ecosystem in which the solution had to function. This process was important to help us to identify nuances of the main user group and understand the constrains which informed the feature assessment, information hierarchy and navigation of the app.

The core features: Splash Screen, Login, Point Balance, Catalogue and Redeem Offers are arranged in a logical flow to permit guests to easily navigate the main screens of the application. A back button and screen short cuts enable a circular navigation and streamlined access to key features.

The composition of colors, images and text was an important consideration to ensure the essence and quality of the Vikings brand were captured and brought to life though the app.

Project Marketing

The application was finalised in February and will be rolled out in all Vikings Clubs in the middle of April after a comprehensive training and change program is completed for operational staff. The application will be introduced to the members over the ANZAC weekend, traditionally one of the busiest trading days for the organisation.

The update of the application will be monitored via inbuilt Google Analytics and ongoing improvements and updates will be planned and design based on member behaviour insights. In addition to the Vikings traditional marketing channels, the location of the Kiosk in the clubs have been selected strategically to draw maximum attention and traffic to the Kiosk and increase the user adoption throughout all facilities.

Project Privacy

Once launched, Alive has a strict privacy policy in place to ensure all development components and data collected via client applications is stored and managed securely. Furthermore, each customer will employ their own privacy policy that determines the conditions of use for customer data and information collected through the mobile application for use by their organisation.

Tech has taken control of our entertainment - it influences what and how we watch or listen to, where and how we eat, dine and play, how we book and how we interact before during and after entertainment events.  This category recognizes tech that makes  entertainment even more entertaining.
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