One The Waterfront (Stage 2), Wentworth Point [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Tom Ferguson & Skymonkey




Project Overview

One The Waterfront (Stage 2) is crafted, contemporary, and connected - three key ideas that underpin the aesthetic for the development. Stage 2 comprises both street and park defining buildings that complete the perimeter form of the masterplan and enclose the courtyard of the development.

The rich, visual nature of the architecture comes to life with clear and bronze-tinted glazing, bronze metallic frames, and gold-finished vertical aluminium louvres which amplify the sun and animate the facades.


Piety Group


Piety Group - Developer
Stanisic Architects - Architect
Turner Studio - Interior Architect
Sturt Noble Landscapes - Landscape Architect
Calibre Consulting - Structural & Civil Engineer
Steve Watson & Partners - PCA
Sutherland Associates & Planning - Planner
Wood & Grieve Engineers - Hydraulic, Fire, Electrical, Mechanical
Thompson Stanbury Associates - Traffic Engineer
DLA Environmental - ESD

Project Brief

The built form along Amalfi Drive in Wentworth Point is defined as an understated and refined continuous street wall as a backdrop to the park. The lower four storeys of the built form are emphasised by a change of material to create a pedestrian low-rise scale. The large, deciduous street trees along Amalfi Drive complement the built form and are an environmental screen allowing the sun to penetrate balconies and living areas in the cooler months and providing shade in warmer months. All units have good views, taking advantage of vistas to the park, generous courtyards, or wider precinct views.

Project Innovation/Need

Fringed by sparkling waterways and enveloped by lush parks and gardens – amidst all this natural splendour is One The Waterfront. Its cutting-edge design raises the bar on contemporary residential living, bringing together nature, architecture, and exclusive on-site leisure in one extraordinary address.

Renowned Stanisic Architects have really captured this flourishing waterside suburb’s spirit of place with a seamless balance between Sydney’s natural, urban and social realms. The buildings and the residences are designed as spaces in which to really live well. Most residential buildings and precincts are very static.

One The Waterfront is complex, integrated, so you can experience the architecture, the interiors, and the surroundings in different ways according to your mood. Dynamic ideas of connection brought focus and clarity to distinguish One The Waterfront from its neighbours.

Design Challenge

One The Waterfront is a collection of generous luxury apartments, surrounded by parklands and the CBD skyline. Piety Group wanted to compliment the surroundings and landscaping in order to enhance the environment, leaving a positive impression for the future.

The apartments needed to be superior in quality and design to compete with the local market. Piety Group included innovative smart home technology, high-speed connectivity, an exclusive concierge and state-of-the-art club facilities. No detail in this development has been overlooked.

One The Waterfront is also an unprecedented investment opportunity in an area destined to shine as both an exceptional investment and an elevated lifestyle choice.

Amidst the natural splendors of lush parks and gardens, and sparkling waterways One the Waterfront embodies the cutting-edge design that raises the bar in contemporary residential living, where Stanisic Architects combine nature, architecture and exclusive urban living into one seamless and distinctive design.

Every detail of One the Waterfront’s interiors has been thoughtfully considered and crafted by combining luxurious modern sensibility with the highest design values and modern technology. The majestic location, the gleaming lights, and the lavish surroundings inspired the designers to produce one-of-a-kind interiors that bring a beautiful inner glow to these exceptional residences.


In creating One The Waterfront, Piety Group called upon some of Australia’s leading environmental consultants to ensure that it was designed to live in harmony with the natural surroundings.

A number of sustainable initiatives have been adopted as part of One The Waterfront, these include:
Innovative management strategies have been implemented for the treatment of acid sulphate soils which ensures impacts on the environment are minimised.
Promotion of sustainability initiatives for water and power usage within all apartment with minimum standards to be achieved in accordance with the NSW government BASIX requirements.
Other key initiatives integrated within Shell Cove include:

Walking tracks and cycleways connect to all key amenities throughout One The Waterfront to reduce dependence on cars and promote healthier lifestyles.
Apartments designed to maximise solar orientation to assist with the reduction of energy use.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow.
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