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12WBT Cookbook [DRAFT]




Project Overview

WRD was contracted to design and produce the first ever 12WBT cookbook to celebrate 5 years in business. The cookbook features 50 favourite recipes from the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program that is to be used as a marketing tool to encourage new and past participants to sign up to the program.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

White River Design


Debbie O'Connor (WRD)

Danielle Warby (12WBT)
Sue Klose (12WBT)

Project Brief

The 12WBT 'Recipe for Success' cookbook was an incredibly exciting project to work on, not only because we faced a number of design challenges that we had to overcome, but because the 152 page book was designed and at the printer in under a month! We then managed the print production, logistics and delivery of 15,000 books in only 2 weeks. We were on fire!

The brief for the cookbook was to design the first ever 12WBT cookbook. With 50 favourite recipes over the past 5 years, we had to include a large amount of recipe content that was coupled with 5 chapters - each dedicated to a year in the business, where we had to chose images to tell the story of that year. The book required a Donna Hay cleanliness while harnessing a Michelle Bridges feel. We were not allowed to include Michelle on the cover as this cookbook as it was to be a 12WBT focused book. This was done so that Michelle didn't step on the toes of her current publishing contract.

Project Innovation/Need

Our use of cloud technology was undoubtedly a major factor in us being able to delivery this size cookbook to the client on time and within budget. Through Google Docs we were able to access real time editing and changes while Dropbox made the sharing of incredibly large files very quick and efficient.

The process that we adopted to get creative through to the client in a timely manner while managing edits ensured that the project kept flowing and that everyone on the team knew exactly where we were up to.

To assist in utilising the 12WBT colours and to clearly segment the 5 chapters and the 5 years in business, we used particular colours to help make navigating the book easier.

Design Challenge

The timeframe may have been the biggest challenge, given the size of the product and sheer volume of pages. We needed to turn it around in about six weeks over the Christmas period. In addition, there was a huge amount of detail to manage, given the nature of recipe content. Even the smallest mistake could be a big problem, so we needed to know that we had a focussed team and plenty of quality checks.

The design of special feature introduction pages, recipe page templates and before and after features need to all be included. The recipe pages need to include the recipe title, ingredients and instructions, how many serves, preparation time, cooking time, calories, nutritional information and nutritional details, quote from participant, Mish tip and large image of the dish. Images from members and activities over the past 5 years need to be incorporated in an engaging way. The style should be inspired by Donna Hay but have a Michelle Bridges feel.


By the time we went to print already 13,000 of the books had been sold. This is an outstanding result considering that during our initial briefing the 12WBT team wanted us to quote on 5000 books.

"We love the cookbook! More importantly, our members love it! We’ve received lots of positive comments from members. The cookbook was our primary driver for renewal signups for our first round this year. Our renewal rates were 50% higher than typical, and I’m confident the cookbook was the biggest contributor to that."
Sue Klose
12WBT, Chief Operating Officer

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching of information style to audience.
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