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MLC Centre food court signage [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Luc Remond


Project Overview

With a major redevelopment underway for the historic MLC Centre, the joint owners (GPT Group and QIC) partnered with Hoyne to undertake a brand communications project for the food court. The campaign for the renovation needed to engage visitors throughout the ongoing construction process. Hoyne defined the key messages and visual language to inform customers about exciting new retailers and to promote existing businesses. Striking imagery that coincided with the prospective retailers was coupled with bold messaging to excite the consumer.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Hoyne Design



Art Director: Andrew Hoyne
Designer: Matt Barratt
Account Director: Eddie Arnott

Project Brief

Hoyne needed to create a tactful campaign to engage visitors throughout redevelopment of the MLC Centre food court. The modular design had to be flexible as the development activity evolved. We also wanted to promote the businesses that were open while construction was underway. Hoyne developed both environmental and directional signage.

Project  Innovation/Need

With the redevelopment of the iconic MLC Centre, the food court was being completely overhauled. Hoyne identified a number of strengths that would form the strategic position but also allow flexibility. The large format imagery created a visually striking message and was coupled with bold headlines like; ‘Plucked & Wrapped’, ‘Squeezed & Blended’ and ‘Chopped & Tossed’ that best described the food court offering. Imagery was decided from the genre of the tenant. For example: a large flower was used for the florist with the message ‘Plucked & Wrapped’.

The modular design had to be flexible as the development activity evolved. Environmental signage both inside and outside engaged the retail aspect of the MLC Centre. The single expression statement ‘Enduring Style. Renewed MLC Centre coming soon’ was placed front and centre.

Design Challenge

Originally we used dark solid colours, which referenced the classic MLC Centre branding, however the food court is a relatively dark environment so a soft colour palette with large striking imagery was used. The hoardings also had to be moved as construction was taking place, considering we used a modular design, we had to be wary of this adaption.



This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the ways people orient themselves in physical space, and navigate from place to place. Consideration given to signage and other graphic communication, clues in the building's spatial grammar, logical space planning, audible communication, tactile elements and provision for special-needs users.
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