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OzHarvest Annual Report [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Sooti Tan


Project Overview

OzHarvest is a non-for-profit charity operating in Australia that rescues excess food that would otherwise be discarded. This excess food is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane.

The OzHarvest annual report is a key communication tool for the charity to educate consumers on their important work and achievements on a yearly basis. It not only needs to showcase OzHarvest’s key food rescue data and required financial reporting, but also create top of mind consumer awareness of the growing food rescue industry. The response from Frost* Design, part of Frost*collective, was to design a memorable promotional piece with a life beyond that of a traditional annual report.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator




Executive Creative Director: Vince Frost
Designer: Ryan Curtis
Account Director: Jarred Katzenberg

Project Brief

The project brief from OzHarvest was to develop a friendly, engaging, respectful and honest annual report that would communicate to the general public, food businesses, corporations, and government bodies of the key statistics from the past year. Imperative to this project, was to continue to reflect the OzHarvest's values of sustainability by creating an environmentally friendly physical report.

Project Innovation/Need

Frost* Design took an approach in creating an annual report that would be visually engaging and informative to communicate key financial statistics, while also raising consumer awareness of the activities OzHarvest have been involved in over the last decade.

Design Challenge

The challenge for Frost* Design was to create an engaging and informative annual report that would counter the traditional report format. In response Frost* Design took a creative approach that would highlight and champion the key themes of the year for OzHarvest in an easy-to-digest format bringing the annual report to life. Putting OzHarvest’s iconic van motif into physical form was a playful extension of the visual identity. Further to this, infographics are used to convey significant data. Inspirational quotes that tell the OzHarvest story from the perspective of those within the organisation or whom are supported by it, give a tangible, human face to the work. The van shaped design of the report itself, when opened presented in-built tabs to hold design elements such as section titles, icons and page numbers.

The annual report was released in both printed and digital formats in tandem with the 2014 Book of Thanks, a digital publication listing all of the various donations of professional services, monetary and food donations, volunteers and in-kind donors to OzHarvest.


Ronni Kahn, founder and CEO of OzHarvest, is thrilled with this year’s design. “Vince and Frost*collective have set the bar very high with the previous annual reports they have designed for us and the latest one has not disappointed. As a charity, everything we do must maximise both the dollars spent and the opportunities it creates, and the annual report is no different. Frost*collective have delivered on that”.

The work is the third annual report developed by Frost*collective for OzHarvest, which follows on from award winning annual reports created in 2012 and 2013, with this year’s report focused on celebrating OzHarvest’s 10th anniversary in November 2014.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching of information style to audience.
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