Taylors Chance to Win Promotions [DRAFT]

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Project Overview

Taylors is one of Australia’s leading premium wine brands. Founded in 1969, it is a highly successful third generation family owned wine business with sales of more than 650,000 cases per annum generated in 30 markets globally.
Each year they look to raise the benchmark in their in-store promotions that they offer their key independent retail clients. To help them in-turn excite their own customers and generate increased sales.
In 2014 Taylors have launched their most ambitious and impressive programme of consumer ‘Chance To Win’ promotions to date. The objective of this national programme is to assist Independent liquor stores to differentiate and compete with the large chain stores by providing alternative offerings that do not focus specifically on promotional price.
Attractive offers, impressive results!

Project Commissioner

Taylors Wines

Project Creator

The Collective Design Consultants


Creative Director - Margaret Nolan
Design Director - Clayton Andrews
Senior Designer - Shannon Douglas

Project Brief

Taylors wines challenged The Collective to create three promotions that would run nationally throughout the 2014-15 financial year, allowing seasonal and calendar events to be captured such as Spring Racing Carnival, Easter and Christmas. These promotions needed to work much harder than normal in-store giveaways, creating in-store theatre and aspirational ‘money can’t buy’ promotional incentives.

The solution was a range of limited edition, beautifully crafted, luxury wine cases supported by a creative POS campaign to bring the promotions to life in all mediums.

The program aims to do three main things:
• Create and build in-store theatre
• Build aspirational brand awareness of the Taylors trademark
• Increase in-store sales and presence via the construction of highly visual POS displays built around each chance-to-win item

Project Innovation/Need

For FY15, three brand new products have been created each boasting various levels of innovation to create a unique appeal.
Q1 – St Andrews Single Vineyard Release Collector’s Edition 4-pack
The box was designed in a classic contemporary style to reflect the unique brand attributes. The dark black lacquered box is beautifully embellished with brass latches, handles and plaque. A hand bound individually signed and numbered booklet accompanies each piece.
The supporting POS campaign uses contemporary beauty photography shot on a poured concrete tabletop to create strong product standout and elevate premium cues.
Q2 – Limited Edition Sparkling Magnum Case
This uber-sophisticated bespoke luxury travel case holds a magnum of Taylors Estate Sparkling Brut Cuvee and a chiller bucket. The box, constructed with beautiful wood veneers is detailed with brass fixings and genuine leather straps. The campaign relies on contemporary photography to showcase the piece to its fullest. The background provides light, feminine cues reminiscent of the wine.
Q3 – Limited Edition Heritage Cabernet 6-pack consists of six limited edition bottles of Taylors Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines pay homage to the rich wine history Taylors draws on to create superior red wines from the Clare Valley.

Design Challenge

Timing was a huge challenge for this campaign. Each promotion needed to be designed, developed, produced and launched within a very tight 6-month turnaround.
Budget was also important as it was imperative that whilst the perception to consumers was of an individually handcrafted piece that the items could be produced in larger quantities more cost-effectively (500 of each set). Attention to finishing details was therefore used to ensure the cases were still highly appealing and desirable without the use expensive solid hardwoods or precious metal embellishments.
Finally, practicality played a part balancing the aesthetics of the piece with the in-store restrictions of building practical displays incorporating each piece. Each unit needed to have strong shelf-standout and create in-store theatre but within a restricted footprint. The solution was to restrict the size of boxes where possible and to suggest to customers that floor stacks could be used in the absence of a designated table to hold the promotion.

User Experience

Strong trade engagement has been achieved through a promotional video and trade presenter showcasing each promotion and highlighting the key benefits.
A specialised merchandise approach is adopted to each participating independent stores with bespoke POS, merchandise and display materials being utilised by Taylors Area Managers to create one-of-a-kind in-store displays in every store environment.
Previous Taylors campaigns have delivered a 25% sales growth on average for each participating store nationally. Pre-commitments to-date indicate that the FY15 programme is on track to achieve a minimum 40% increase in both reach and sales growth for FY15.
This programme will also assist in positively influencing brand awareness and perception of the Taylors trademark in the luxury space.

This award celebrates creative and innovative experience design for sales promotions intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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