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Our Community

The design100 community contributions come in a range of forms, from awards nominations to participation at forum events.

design100 offers a range of awards programs for brands and studios to showcase their latest work and projects.  

The design economy is built upon supply and demand. design100 works with peak bodies and industry groups.

Our mission supports industry associations through advocating and building demand for design services.

design100 provides a platform for economic development programs, export programs and inbound investment teams who are looking for new avenues to showcase the design economy in their market.

All design projects bring together the latest ideas, materials and processes. The design100 programs offer a range of activations for design brands to connect with those who consume design, either professionally or as end users.

Partner options include event hosts, nomination packs, branding programs, forum interviews

Panel members are recognised voices in the design economy sourced from leading studios, industry bodies and design commissioners.

The panel members curate nominations, rate programs, contribute content and provide advocacy.

The panel is broad based as design100 programs cover multiple markets and design areas. Additional panel members are appointed throughout the year to provide specialised input and ensure diversity.

The design100 reachout is driven through the advocacy of the programs by the panel. Panel members do this though mentioning the awards via social media, advocating to partners and speaking about the awards at forums or during private conversations.