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Magic Box
Located on Shuichuilou West Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, the "Fantasy Box" covers 1,100 square meters and 227 square meters of interior space, which is different from the traditional commercial space. Bothwell has made the "fantasy box" a new living Shared and flowing space with diversified attributes such as catering, learning, entertainment, fitness and children's activities.

The sense of conflict between Beijing's historical accumulation and the modern trend has become the starter of the "Fantasy Box" with new sharpness, magic color, wit and vitality.

The designer overcomes the climate influence and space area limitation of the outdoor space to meet the needs of diverse USES, and USES the narrow and long space characteristics to vertically extend the same element -- high saturated color or dramatic modeling, so as to establish the discussion on freedom.

Compared with traditional building materials, container building pays more attention to the design of green concept building, which can be reused and will not produce too much construction waste. Meanwhile, it adopts the design concept of environmental protection and prefabricated building, giving environmentalists a more sensible choice.

In the new stage of young people's demands for quality of life, "Fantasy Box", as an installation container of Shared service space, satisfies all-round perception and experience of the future life of the community.

The concept of "place making" reshaped the way of space expression, presenting a new interpretation of modern urban community center with innovative, bright and open space carrier.
| 23/12/2020 2:24 PM
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