2013 Sydney Design Awards

VIVID Sydney 2013, Ricochet Installation [DRAFT]

Photo Credit : Photographer: ARUP


Project Overview

As part of the exciting Sydney lighting festival, VIVID, we worked in collaboration with Arup on an interactive installation piece, we called RICOCHET.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Frost* Design



Tim Hunt, Lighting Designer
Tim Carr, Lighting Practice Leader
Nathan Blum, Senior Acoustic and Audiovisual Consultant
Josephine Clarke, Lighting Designer
Jonathan Osborne, Acoustic Consultant

Frost* Design
Vince Frost, CEO & Executive Creative Director
Bridget Atkinson, Environments Design Director
Charlie Bromley, Designer
Graziela Machado, Designer
Adam Longo, Project Manager

Lee Groves, Music Producer

Rod Vowell Lighting & Production

Project Brief

Lighting design and sound engineering consultants Arup, invited us to collaborate on what was to become a successful submission for the festival’s Vivid Light program for 2013. The piece represents the culmination of seven months of toil for the creative and technical teams, involving support from numerous sponsors, which has enabled the work to be realised.

Project Need

Together with ARUP we came up with the name RICOCHET for the installation, referring to ‘an interactive environment through light and sound’. The lighting installation was installed in the Suez Canal laneway in The Rocks in Sydney as a part of the festival’s interactive light walk. The piece features an intersecting network of laser beams, using the long narrow form of the Suez Canal to create a laser web, which reacts to the movement of people within the space through sound and colour change. ARIA Award winning producer and songwriter Lee Groves, created a custom soundscape for the work and we also designed an identity for RICHOCHET.

Design Challenge

– Working within small, confined space – site was also heritage listed so ensuring minimal interference between installation and the building fabric
– Working to small budget
– External installation – ensuring durability and weatherproofing for the duration of
the festival
– Interactivity and user engagement – capturing people's attention and imagination
– Integrating light and sound in an outdoor setting


The light installation was more energy efficient then the existing pathway safety lights.
24 lasers were used for the lighting installation, each laser being 1W each (24W in total) compared to the existing pathway safety lights which is 18W x 2 fittings = 36W.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for a consumer event. Consideration given to originality, creativity, theming, audience connection and engagement and how the event created a seamless experience for the visitor and helped to reinforce the program's core message

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