2013 Melbourne Design Awards

Catholic Church Insurance Brand Identity [DRAFT]


Project Overview

When the Catholic Church’s own insurance company needed to re-energise their people and their brand, they engaged Davidson to deliver. Recognising the strong 100 years of continuous service, CCI undertook a refresh of its strategy and brand promises, to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Project Commissioner

Catholic Church Insurance

Project Creator

Davidson Branding


Managing Director - Grant Davidson
Design Director - Michael Callan
Strategy and Client Service Director - Sam Osborn

Project Brief

No other insurance company can offer such genuine peace of mind and an insurance company that goes beyond insurance, underpins their service approach and value proposition.

The new brand identity is fresh and vibrant and is inspired from the beautiful stained glass windows featured in churches, schools and other important services in society. The supporting visual language is also unique and unmistakably CCI, but also reflects a modern and progressive service firm.

A national ‘Living the brand’ series of workshops was developed and implemented by the Davidson Team to inform and engage CCI people in every office.

Project Need

This project is much more than an impressive visual identity. It has reinforced change where it has been needed and has locked brand in as a central organising and lasting organisational principle. We refreshed the identity and help reposition an organisation 100 years old and changed the culture of this organisation through clear communication of:

1. The need for people and the organisation to change (through the philosophy of 'the future aint what it used to be - if you don't change you'll be left behind').
2. The new brand values, personality and promises underpinning the brand (Most importantly the promises of 'Partnership, Progress and Professional' were seen as the key to changing behaviours inside and out).
3. The role the new brand and communications messages will have in changing perceptions of the brand to customers (Churches, Schools, Universities, retirement homes and welfare organisations, all with a vested interest in the ongoing success of CCI).
4. The importance of the CEO and Executive team 'living the new brand' and encouraging all staff to be advocates for the new brand and necessary changes.

Design Challenge

Stakeholder management was key. CCI is owned by the Catholic Church and Church leaders needed to approve the brand strategy and design elements of the new brand."

Clearly, the Church has been in the spotlight in the last 18 months and media and public interest in the Church and its organisations is peaking. The new brand strategy ('a beyond insurance, insurance business') dedicated to the delivering 'genuine peace of mind' to all its stakeholders and customers, combined with the new visual identity positions the brand as credible, relevant, differentiated and capable of standing the test of time.


Every measure was taken to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum including specifying:
- FSC® certified paper
- Carbon neutral and recycled paper as standard stock items for digital and offset printing.
- Alcohol-free printing
- Vegetable-based inks and varnish

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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