2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Design Island [DRAFT]

Photo Credit : All images Peter Whyte Photography


Event Summary

Design Island 2012 highlighted the diversity and excellence in craftsmanship of established and emerging Tasmanian product designers. The event involved significant collaboration between the Design Centre Tasmania and the next generation of Architects to graduate from UTAS School of Architecture & Design.


Design Centre Tasmania


Design Island 2012 was the vision of Tasmanian Design Alliance and Design Centre Tasmania in partnership with UTAS School of Architecture & Design under the leadership of Rye Dunsmuir, General Manager, Design Centre Tasmania.

Event Details

Design Island 2012 delivered leading Tasmanian designers to national markets through Design:Made:Trade. Design Island represents the beginning of a strategy to introduce Tasmania's high quality, high value products to new audiences through 'high - touch' experiences backed with high tech distribution. Design Island 2012 has been exceptionally successful at introducing designers to business and gaining national exposure for Tasmania as a place of design excellence.


The Design Island stand at Design:Made:Trade used an innovative approach to promoting Tasmanian designers in a mobile retail environment designed to fit into a standard furniture truck. The stand also used innovative joinery and machining processes to minimise waste and also made use of innovative communication and payment technologies including PayPal Here, QR codes for contact details and electronic invoicing to reduce paper usage.


Sustainability is a key element of both the Design Island showcase and participating designers. Products shortlisted for Design Island 2012 are made in Tasmania and make use of recycled or recyclable, locally sourced and waste materials.

The Design Island stand was thoughtfully designed to minimise transportation needs, be re-useable through flexibility and is constructed from certified Australian, plantation timber with minimal waste.

This award recognises the leading design event conducted in Melbourne. It may be a single function or series of functions and events under one design event umbrella. The event must be designed specifically for the design community either professional or the design public.
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