2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

The Origin Energy Project [DRAFT]

Photo Credit : www.greenwall.com.au



Project Commissioner

Group GSA

Project Creator

The Greenwall Company


The Origin Energy Project, Australia’s tallest greenwall, was headed up by Mark Paul owner and founder of The Greenwall Company. Mark is a qualified horticulturalist with over 25 years greenwall and greenroof experience.

Mark’s plant knowledge and planting design stems from a childhood/lifelong passion for lithophytic and epiphytic plants, and their habitats. Originally Mark trained as a Marine Biologist and worked for the CSIRO. Mark worked intimately with their habitats, enabling him to successfully design and create a system that was not only energy efficient but long lasting.

Due to Mark’s designs, The Greenwall Company can pride themselves on building their walls from 94 per cent of recyclable materials that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill, taking the benefit of their greenwalls beyond just their aesthetic appeal.

Mark’s original test green wall (now over 25 years old) is still thriving today and is a direct result of his experience and understanding of plant biomechanics and their simple requirement for water, light and nutrition.

Mark has also launch a community project with schools in Australia and Brasil called the PET Bottle Greenwall Project. This initiative sees students, teachers, parents and Mark work together to create their own PET bottle greenwall made out of recycled bottles and plant cuttings from their own homes. The first school was a great success with others already lining up to get on board.

At the end of the day, Mark’s objective is to reclaim the built environment by greening as many areas as he possibly can with the end goal being a ‘green city’.

Mark has worked with a variety of professionals to assist in this project, from engineers, steel fabricators, architects, landscape architects and his installation team to install the greenwall.

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