2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

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Project Overview

My Patch My City is designed as an events program for children to stimulate ideas and discussion surrounding environmental issues and sustainable living. The event is focused on linking design, sustainability and the community through a creative, interactive and fun learning experience. The approach is to promote sound social, environmental and ecological values through working with children, families and communities.

Project Commissioner

State of Design Festival

Project Creator

Artillery Interior Architecture


Sonja Duric, Michael Edwards, Ian Piggott, Nick Leong, Gracie Turner, Carla Franzo

Project Brief

In July 2008, in conjunction with the State of Design Festival, Artillery Interior Architecture hosted the inaugural My Patch event. The event was a great success and over the past four years has been tailored to compliment the host event including themes such as My Patch My Eco City, My Patch My Future City, and My Patch My Biomorphic City. Furthermore, the event was included in the Victorian Government pavilion at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2009 and 2010 (spanning 5 and 11 days respectfully).

In 2011, My Patch My City, was transformed to reflect the theme of "Design That Moves" and was aptly named "My Patch My Kinetic City".

During the My Patch workshop, children and their families have the opportunity to construct their own "patches" of a city from a wide range of raw and recycled materials, that have been donated by suppliers and affiliates. Each Patch begins with a common size base (patch) and is built up in three dimensions in a way that reflects each child's creativity and vision. From windmills and dams, to treehouses and underwater research facilities, the creativity is endless. Each patch is then placed together to form a vibrant cityscape of Melbourne. The completed city is celebrated, photographed and each child is encouraged to keep their Patch as a memento of the event.

Project Need

The most innovative aspect of My Patch is that the workshop creates virtually no material waste and utilizes recycling in the true definition of the term. The workshop can be performed in almost any location because of the minimal set-up, cost and space required.

In 2011, My Patch My Kinetic City, was expanded by the State of Design Festival and not only held at Design Made Trade, but also at 3 regional schools across Victoria. Over 400 young kids took part in the model-making and sustainability workshop. This was an exciting advancement for My Patch because we were able to share this creative workshop with under-privileged students.

Design Challenge

Whilst the event costs very little to run, there was the initial challenge of getting funding to provide building materials such as scissors, glue, tape, and also covering some staff and costs. When Schiavello became a gold sponsor in the event, we were able to provide all the necessary components required to successfully run the workshop.


The My Patch concept was developed by Artillery as a solution to recycling many of the unused and outdated samples in our library. Artillery then contacted many of our key suppliers and was overwhelmed with how many off-cuts and outdated samples suppliers were keen to donate and recycle. These materials included: discontinued carpet tiles, rubber flooring, wood veneers, corian chips, laminates, Astroturf off-cuts, textiles, foil insulation, fabric role tubes etc..., Artillery was pleasantly bombarded with "unusable" off-cuts to put towards a good cause. Artillery contacted State of Design in 2008 with the idea of promoting sustainability to children through model-making with recycled materials. The event has been running ever since under a different theme but always connecting sustainability with design and the community. Needless to say, My Patch has proved to be a great success. Not only are children learning about sustainable and creative design, but we are recycling in the true definition of the term.

This award recognises the best design event for the general public and design consumers.
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