2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates


Project Overview

b.sirius is an established Melbourne based company designing a unique range of accessories inspired by natures organic colors, forms and figures.

b.sirius lovingly creates a fun story of fabrics that are crafted into a playful range of bags and accessories created to keep you feeling fresh and inspired each season.




Annabelle Poustie
Ingrid Rawsthorn
Jacinta Dauncey

Project Brief

Let b.sirius whisk you away this Summer into a whirlwind of blissful berries and opulent oranges. With each print and design created from scratch each season you are sure to know you have a unique product that is sure to make you feel special.

Project Innovation / Need

Our mission at b.sirius is to utilize vegetarian materials where possible. Durable canvases are screen-printed to the highest quality and used in conjunction with other animal friendly materials.

Design Challenge

Coming up with a fresh new and exciting range is always a challenge. An enjoyable one but nether less still a challenge! The b.sirius office is always in a flurry when it comes to design submission time. This is due to important deadlines and liaising with our producers.
Sampling then re-sampling then re-re-sampling is commonplace!


b.sirius is very aware and conscious of environmental issues and sustainability. We keep packaging and stuffing to a minimum to avoid unnecessary waste and always do our part when it comes to recycling. We are very aware of global and local issues and try to help where possible. Past efforts include gathering bedding for the local lost dogs home and supporting the childs i foundation. We encourage our friends and followers to do the same via our Facebook page.

This award recognises a component or overall product. Consideration given to all aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of materials, and resolution of the overall function.
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