2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Photo Credit : Daniel Colombo


Project Overview

We completed the wayfinding and signage system for Westfield's new flagship store in Sydney's CBD. The new development is one of Sydney's premier retail destinations, built around the Sydney Central Tower, the new development caters for over 21 million shoppers each year.

Project Commissioner

Westfield Design and Construction

Project Creator

Büro North


Soren Luckins, Finn Butler, Jess Caffin, Giovanni Mendini, Shane Loorham, Jules Zaccak

Project Brief

We were engaged to develop a wayfinding strategy that predicted the complex internal shopper movements that are created by seven levels of retail, with bridge and tunnel connections to adjacent buildings and the impact of the surrounding pedestrian traffic on activity at major entrances.

This system included facade signs, directional signs and interactive kiosks. The execution of the interactive kiosks is impossibly thin and delicate, featuring bright white LED illumination on minimalist white backdrops, with the text illuminated to give the required contrast ratio. Users can interact with the interface in multiple languages and an iPhone application assists in directing shoppers around the site.

As well as a wayfinding and signage package, we produced interpretive heritage solutions for Westfield that included embedded stainless steel heritage site specific quotes in the paving at major entrances and an illuminated heritage timeline tracking the history of the site.

Project Innovation / Need

A design solution for signage and graphics was developed that created a dialogue between the John Wardle Architects designed facade and the Wonderwall Japan designed interiors. A neutral, sophisticated palette of white on white was adopted, referencing materials from the rest of the project and integrating with the interior environment seamlessly.

Design Challenge

Integrating this sophisticated wayfinding technology into an incredibly small footprint was performed through a thorough research and documentation process. The final design outcome was closely controlled to ensure that that the kiosk interface was housed within an elegant totem that unified the signage with the buildings interior.


Consideration was given to the selection of materials for their durability and locally sourced materials were supplied where possible. The development has achieved a 6 star Green Star Design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia .

This award recognises traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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