2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

This is Accessories Collection [DRAFT]

Photo Credit : Photo by B.So, Editing by W.Yuen, Model by A.Mailybayeva

Project Overview

This is® originated in Melbourne in 2007, with Bonnie’s debut product This is a Trivet. This is a Trivet, is about repurposing offcut Corian® materials to create something new. In other words it adds value to waste offcuts and helps to turn them into a desirable object. Inspired and infatuated by the material, Bonnie continued to explore and transform the bench top Corian® material into wearable accessories. The designs are inspired by the flexibility of the material and each piece is handmade with no two being identical.


This is



This is® was initiated over a small conversation about how complicated communication has become. It is a brand about conveying a straight forward idea of products and staying true to what they are. The brand name forms a part of each products name giving them a unique and honest identity. This is®, is a design company whose core aim is to deliver high quality innovative jewellery that fall into a unique genre of their own. This is® hopes to use the brand and concept to provoke people to pay attention to the value and meaning of what they buy.

Project Brief

After the first creation of This is a Trivet, Bonnie was fascinated by the flexibility and quality of the material. She continues to explore variation in forms based on the same concept of using limited amount of material and applying it into possible context - wearable accessories.

This is Accessories Collection consist of a unique range of innovative accessories that are made of solid surface material. Each design intends to capture the beauty of curvilinear form. They are minimal, straight forward and have their own unique natural flowing form and elegance. Each piece has its own name engraved on it.

This is Knot / necklace
This is a knot has a piece of corian in the form of a knot accompanied with a black leather cord. The black leather cord is adjustable to suit your style. It is designed for causal and every day wear.

This is Curve / ring
The curve ring simply forms a curve with a piece of corian.

This is Twist / bangle
It has a beautiful curvilinear form that is formed by twisting a piece of corian. This is an alternative slimmer design in comparison to This is Knot bangle. The open end is designed for easy fit and you to mix and match the colours.

This is Twist / necklace
Again, the Twist necklace is created by a twisting a strip of corian. It creates a sophisticated impression even matching it with a basic wear.

Project Innovation / Need

With minimal design, This is® emphasizes on the simple aesthetics of the form itself and suggests new ways to admire the beauty and the texture of the material in a smaller scale. It broadens the perception of how else a bench top material could be used.

Design Challenge

The material itself plays a huge role in the development of the This is product range followed by understanding of form and function. Each design is named after the shape and the brand name forms a part of the product, giving them a unique and honest identity. This is accessories is contemporary, minimal in design and yet has its strong identity.

The fact that they are made from a kitchen bench top material gets people by surprise. The material has created more interest and curiosity in the collection.


This is collection started its product development based on a strip of the material. Simplicity embraces the idea of Less is more. It is also about eliminating unnecessary design elements, staying true to its form and tries to create a user friendly product where form follows function. It is also about simplifying the manufacturing process, use the least amount of resources and steps to achieve the desired outcome which are simple, aesthetic and sustainable.

This is Accessories Collection is designed based on a strip of material which optimizes the efficiency of the process. It requires minimum amount material and machining. It is handmade into shape. As designer the manufacturing processes were also taken into consideration. The emission of the material that I am working closely with. It is non-toxic and certified as Low Emitting Products.

This award recognises a component or overall product. Consideration given to all aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of materials, and resolution of the overall function.
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