2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Peet in the North [DRAFT]

Project Overview

How do you create a land sales office space that evokes the right emotion to motivate a prospective buyer to 'fall in love' with the property without even seeing it!

This space creates a sense of brand and aims to communicate that through visual display.

Project Commissioner

Peet Limited

Project Creator

Vive Group


Justine Paul - Senior Designer
Pia Moore - Account Manager
Marianna Malkin - Account Director

Project Brief

This land sales office in Melbourne's outer Northern suburbs, creates an engaging and vibrant space that sells the brand through the office environment.

Through a series floor to ceiling fabric panels, the customer journey starts at the developer credentials, moves across to the wider community benefits and then drills down into the project specific emotional and practical benefits.

Leading finally to the sales desk to discuss and negotiate the finer details of 'your dream home'.

Project Innovation / Need

Fabric panels were nominated as the merchandising solution (as opposed to traditional perspex sleeves). Still using the full wall to creatively communicate the customer journey - despite the split panelling - created a novel visual story.

Design Challenge

This 'land sales office' located at Greenvale Shopping Centre, is actually offsite unlike the traditional onsite sales centre.

The logistical challenge of firstly directing people to the sales office, then selling the dream at the sales office whilst needing to "paint the picture" of the site (as opposed to actually looking out of an onsite sales centre and seeing what is planned or in progress).


Vive Group proudly donates 1% of sales revenue to biodiversity conservation and revegetation projects throughout Australia.

Since 2008, we have planted over 14,488 trees.

This award recognises a temporary building or interior. Consideration give to furnishings, fixtures, stands, signage and traffic flow.
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