2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Photo Credit : Buro North


Project Overview

Project Otherwise is a network of ideas about living otherwise that will lead to a sustainable future. This network brings young and enthusiastic people together online and in person to make the connections that help bridge the gap between these ideas and action. It is our goal to connect social entrepreneurs, eco-visionaries, cultural pioneers and curious individuals to knowledge, skills, projects and initiatives that will enable individuals to live better with less.

Project Commissioner

Project Otherwise

Project Creator

Büro North


Soren Luckins, Amy Johnstone, Jason Mildren

Project Brief

We developed a visual identity for the client that would communicate the network's key philosophy of connection and exchange. Through the Project Otherwise website, young people are able to connect to a database of sustainability professionals, green gurus and cultural pioneers. One of the projects key partners is The United Nations YouthXchange, so we needed to engage not only a local but also international audience. A custom designed typeface was created to produce a unique identity that could be used for stationary, business cards and rolled out across the organisation's website.

Project Innovation / Need

The Project otherwise identity references a number of inspirations, including traditional message sticks - a historical object that was used to promote listening and the sharing of information. The unique, bespoke typeface and mark that we created communicated this ideology with youthful energy and spirit.

Design Challenge

The project undertakes industry-leading research studies in the fields of sustainable consumption and lifestyles, and encourages youth to engage in a forum that shares knowledge, skills, projects and initiatives to facilitate better living. The main design challenge was to create an identity that reflected the organization's philosophy of
sustainability whilst also communicating corporate compatibility. As a partner in The United Nations YouthXchange it was imperative that the design outcome engage with young people whilst also being able to speak to international organisations and government.


Printed on environmentally friendly stocks and minimising the number of inks used via the use of tints, the stationery helps embody the sustainable spirit of the organisation whilst remaining fresh, fun and approachable.

This award recognises traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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