2012 Melbourne Design Awards

Project Overview

An innovative range of necklaces and earrings made of anodized aluminium, neoprene rubber and silver.
The modular necklace incorporates anodized aluminium ‘stones’ with neoprene rubber lariat. The pebbles are carved out of a solid block, with a channel running along its outer diameter, allowing the rubber to embed perfectly into the metal and create a seamless fusion of colour and texture.
The earrings feature a flat plane that is framed by a silver contour. Created in four colours and four organic shapes, they are designed to form various pairs based on either shape or colour; making them interchangeable.


inSync design


Award-winning studio inSync design explores shape and colour in a contemporary range of jewellery that is synonymous with clever resolution and high-quality products. All pieces are made using industrial materials and processes, combined with traditional handcraft techniques.
Iris Saar Isaacs, the creative mind behind inSync design, applies fine-art techniques and graphic design knowledge to produce distinct, contemporary and unique wearable art.

Project Brief

The inspiration to this collection was based on optical glasses and their construction method with quality, innovation, form and function as the backbones of this collection.
The coloured aluminium pebble is encased within the neoprene rubber or the sterling silver in a creative manner, using no glues.
Necklace - The smooth organic pebble forms fit perfectly around the body, while the rubber allows full movement and comfort. By embedding the rubber fully into the metal, it creates seamless fusion of materials and presents a well-resolved piece both visually and functionally.
Earrings - The earrings’ slender aluminium body, framed delicately by a sterling silver contour allows the earring to retain a large, bold appearance, while remaining lightweight and easy to wear.
The necklace can be worn in a variety of ways. Its workings are self explanatory and easy to use.
The earrings can be paired according to shape or colour, making them interchangeable.
The pebbles are individually shaped ensuring precision, while the rubber and silver are extruded to precise measurements, to fit perfectly into the carved channel within each pebble. The anodizing treatment applied to the aluminium hardens the surface and allows long-term scratch resistance and colour retention.

Project Innovation / Need

Through the exploration of new materials and construction methods inSync consistently maintains unique aesthetics, clever resolution and high quality.
Both the neckpieces and the earrings are innovative, high quality contemporary pieces that combine industrial applications with traditional hand-craft techniques, making the process efficient and cost effective.

Design Challenge

Since inception, inSync design’s work has become known for their unique aesthetics and cleverly constructed contemporary jewellery.
We continually strive to create visually balanced pieces that integrate materials and technologies with innovation and high quality.


Both the necklaces and the earrings are carefully designed for longevity in every aspect: minimal material use, functionality and timeless elegance.
The modular necklaces allow switching pebble shapes and colours while the earrings were created as a group of shapes that can be paired and interchanged according to form or colour enabling constant versatility.
Both the rubber and the silver are extruded as a continuous length, allowing cutting it to any desired length with no wastage at all.

This award recognises a component or overall product. Consideration given to all aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of materials, and resolution of the overall function.
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