2011 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Let's Get It Started [DRAFT]


Project Overview

A song that came together after Paris thought how Nick Cave might write a poem about a young, attractive, creative couple that forgot how to have sex.


Ralph Carr Management


Director: Robert Glassford and Daniel Zucco (Mr.Kaplin)
Post Production: Mr Kaplin

Producer: Floating World

Artist: Paris Wells

Management: Ralph Carr Management

Agency: Illusive Sounds

D.O.P: Juan Malera

Costume: Jo Collins

Makeup: Liz Goulding

Project Brief

During a time when Paris was listening to a lot of french, cinematic music. This track encourages couples to put some effort into intimacy, it's not about obligation, it's not about TV, it's just about getting it started.

Project Innovation / Need

There is a need for an artist with a clip, one that connects with an audience with a contemporary explosion of a song while making sure the produced work remains current in the future as the song becomes a classic.

Design Challenge

This video had the challenge of trying to capture a period of time without making it feel old but keeping it contemporary whilst putting in a sense of movement and pace throughout the clip.

This award recognises visual and audio communication in the form of advertisements, short films and music videos that place an emphasis on design values.

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