2011 Melbourne Design Awards

Key Dates

Photo Credit : Tony Miller Photography, Aaron Pocock photography, gollings photography.


Project Overview

As cost consultants and quantity surveyors — everything NK+P do is defined by a number.
They're the accountants of the construction industry… where to from here!

Project Commissioner

Newton Kerr + Partners

Project Creator

Square Circle Triangle


Creative Director: Brad Smith
Copywriter: Brad Smith
Designer: Brad Smith & Melanie Yencken
Account Team: Brad Smith & Paul Wilson
Digital Designer: Brad Smith, Melanie Yencken, Eiran Cooper
Technical Director: Nick Marfleet
Programmer: Nathan Davis, Eiran Cooper

Project Brief

Conservative, the voice of reason, intelligent — charismatic yet a little bit nerdy! We embraced the characteristics of Lisa Simpson in developing a "measured" approach to brand development. This fantastic metaphor of character allowed our pendulum to swing between seriousness and humour across copywriting and design.

Project Innovation / Need

Defined by a number — everything is "measured" in approach, intelligent in execution and, at times, a appropriately humorous*. The brandmark double-underscores 35 experience, and a strength in partnership among business and clients that provides awareness, resonance and warmth.
See coffee cups and expo banners.

Design Challenge

We had to develop a voice that spoke to architects, builders, project managers, schools, councils, aged care providers, banks and property developers — clients spanning many sectors — each looking to procure a 'cost consultant' who understands their project vision and can deliver outcomes that meet budget and exceed imagination.

Evoke quality with economy.
Imagination with conservatism.
Professionalism with a sense of charisma.


Creation of a digital supply chain (website, electronic direct mail, digital templating) all contributed to a reduced requirement for print production in stationery and brochure. That said — a lovely 20pp brochure was still required to further demonstrate an appropriate regard for quality and creativity that only the tactile can deliver.

This award recognises traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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