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Project Overview

Geddup will help manage the communication clutter in our lives. It’s a platform to simplify the way we engage with organisations – making them more accessible, more responsive and more integrated with our technologies. It can be used by schools and sporting clubs, dentists and doctors, councils and utilities, hairdressers and personal trainers. In fact any organisation in your community.

Geddup will get you organised.


Geddup Pty Ltd


Rohan Clarke - Director, Geddup
Adrian Clarke - Director, Geddup
Judd Kirby - Lead Developer, Marby
Alberto Martinez - Front-End Developer, Marby
Tom Sullivan - Systems Developer, Marby
Russell Mann - Creative Director, Clear Design
Matthew McCarthy - Director of Design, Clear Design
Matt Topfer - Director of Strategy, Clear Design

Project Brief

Communication from our organisations is currently haphazard. It competes with spam in our emails. It clashes with our SMS and social media streams. All too often it fails to be mobile friendly, and when it is, each organisation has to have their very own app. It doesn’t need to be this complicated.

Communication should be brief and easy to engage with. It should be secure, spam-free and personal. It should integrate seamlessly with our technologies - maps, mail, search, phone, and calendar. And we should have more control over how organisations communicate with us, with the detail just a click away.

This is why we created Geddup. It makes messages easy to consume, gives us each more control, and integrates with our technologies. And it aims to make it easy for each of us to enjoy a personalised experience on an organisation's website - to be met at the digital door and escorted to our favourite table.

Geddup offers the ability to:
• Receive messages from organisations you choose
• Share contact details with organisations at your discretion
• Receive push and/or email notifications
• Drop events into your calendar
• Open maps directly to an event location
• Respond to questions from organisations
• Click links to jump to detail
• Easily access an organisation’s phone, email and web
• Use Geddup’s OAuth 2.0 authentication for single sign-on
• Use Geddup’s API to personalise organisation websites

Project Need

Geddup changes the way that organisations and their communities interact. It aims to enable a deeper engagement by empowering the individual and by making the organisation more accessible.

Geddup starts with the individual - It gives them more choice and more control. This works to the advantage of both individuals and organisations. For example, by enabling subscribers to choose how they share contact data, Geddup also makes it easier to keep those details up-to-date with organisations. Conversely, as subscribers can communicate with organisations without having to share anything more than their name, Geddup lowers the barriers for organisations to attract subscribers.

Geddup brings organisations closer – It makes it easier to reach and interact with organisations. Messages and notifications are delivered to a subscriber’s mobile, tablet and desktop. And by bringing order to this type of communication, Geddup makes it easy to find and interact with. Most importantly, each organisation does not need its own app to communicate with their communities. Rather Geddup enables organisations to leverage their websites as their communication hub. This is why we have developed the single sign-on capability and why our API can enable the personalisation of organisation websites.

User Experience

Geddup is a simple but flexible tool.

The user typically discovers the power of Geddup when they receive a message and with one click add an appointment to their calendar. Similarly, the simplicity of opening a map with the location already identified, or of responding to a confirmation request with a single click, is far simpler than the alternatives that are generally available today.

The user response to being able to more easily manage relationships is a little subtler. The value of choosing what information you share with an organisation becomes more important as the diversity of your subscriptions grows. Likewise, having granular control over how message notifications are received grows in value with the volume of messages received.

The UI of the app has been distilled to deliver these goals in a clean and minimalist way. There are few menu items - individuals can access a main menu slider for their Messages, Subscriptions and to manage their Account. A slide menu for each individual item in the message and subscription lists enables quick access to regularly used tasks. Messages have been styled to make them easy to scan and interact with while still enabling free-form text and other detail. Subscriptions enable users to simply control how they interact with individual organisations.

The result is that the user can easily find and manage communication from their organisations.

Project Marketing

The value of Geddup grows as the number of organisations on the platform rises - individuals can manage more of their relationships simply and effectively. For this reason, our marketing rollout has a location-based focus and is very much a grass roots, community driven initiative. The simplicity of the UI and the distinctive look and feel of the fonts and colours reflect this focus.

Having said that, Geddup has the advantage of offering a scale solution. Its application is not limited to a single industry or user group. For this reason, we are actively working with leading participants in our key target industries that will enable broader market engagement. The key here is offering the ability for these organisations and industry groups to leverage the Geddup API to enhance their own capabilities and service offerings.

This category recognises the best new service or application on a mobile platform.
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