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Appswiz - App Designer [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Appswiz has created the first online tool that allows businesses and individuals to design their own apps without any required programming or coding knowledge: The App Designer is a unique instrument based on predefined module templates. An easy to use drag & drop functionality allows everyone to design and customize their own apps in minutes. The innovative characteristics of the app designer are its usability, cost-effectiveness, short development time and individualization options.




The innovative and creative teams of Appswiz, Informatel and Tonto Digital.

Project Brief

We believe that every business should be able to have a mobile app and connect with their customers. As the consumers’ expectations are rising in regards to mobile access, providing an app will become an essential part of every business identity as having a website, stationary or a logo. Organizations with a mobile app are currently one step ahead of their competitors and secure valuable leads and sales.

Our vision is to enable every business to place their brand in the pocket of their customers and intensify the customer relationship. Having an app on the phone of your customers is as close and personal as you can get with any marketing activity.

Our mobile apps can be utilized in a variety of ways, including as a promotional tool (sales, leads, news feed, referrals) and around the clock communicative device (make appointments, get directions, surveys, and customer feedback) to deliver relevant insights.
Placing clients within arm’s reach of businesses and connecting brands on a mobile platform is our ultimate mission. Therefore we want to bridge the gap between small businesses and the mobile phones of their customers with the pioneering App Designer.

Project Innovation / Need

We know that every small and medium sized business has to spend their marketing budget wisely. Investing five digit amounts into the development of a mobile app is not a viable option for most SMEs.
The App Designer is not competing with luxurious individual app development. Instead we are offering a ‘Do it yourself’ solution. This helps to populate the entire mobile marketing industry by introducing an untouched market segment to the overall category.

Consequently the App Designer represents a one of a kind opportunity with no comparable product at the moment for the following reasons:
1. Bloody Quick:
It takes the user about 30 Minutes to design it and we have it ready for deployment within two weeks.
2. Bloody Cost-effective:
To develop a mobile app for $299 AUS and $29.99 AUS per month (Hosting, Updates and Reporting) is as monetary economical as it gets.
3. Simple Usability:
The App Designer has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface and extensive tutorials for every part of the app building process.
4. No Contract or long-term Agreement:
Clients can cancel their app updates and hosting at any time.
5. Customizing Options:
A variety of visual, content and audio components (videos, images, splash screen, integrated social media, app icon, links, etc.) can be individualised and give the app a distinct personality.
6. Complimentary app Alerts:
We include access to a webserver that allows our clients to share their app for free by sending alerts to their customers.

User Experience

SME owners:
Because time and money are vital resources for them we engage SME with simplicity, price and effectiveness of our product. The App Designer was created on the principles of usability and value. No programming or coding knowledge is required to design an app.

The interaction between the user and the brand is highly depending on the chosen modules. For the end-user the App Designer currently offers the following modules:
YouTube, Media Gallery, About Us, RSS Feed, Contact Us, Twitter, Locator, Testimonial, Webpage, Audio, Directions and Opening Hours.

We are continuously adding more templates (for example: Facebook integration, ‘Send-to-a-friend’ function) to address a variety of changing user and business needs.

Project Marketing

Because we know that we are offering a truly valuable tool we are following a ‘pull’ rather than in your face ‘push’ strategy. Our research has shown that the demand for cost-effective app development is rising and that small and medium-sized business owners are actively searching for mobile solutions.
Our key target audience are SMEs and we recognize the concerns and problems they are facing every day. Because we are so confident in our offering and we want to minimize the risks for SMEs we offer a ’30 day money back guarantee’ as part of our small business approach. Additionally, a variety of vertical industries is targeted and will multiply the branding efforts and exposure of Appswiz.

Precise communicative Measures:
Due to the nature of our business and product we are primarily focusing on online measurements:
1. Search Engine Optimization to meet the research of prospective clients.
2. Pay-per-click advertising on Google and LinkedIn to efficiently address our target audience.
3. Social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
4. Email and newsletter marketing to existing client database of associated and experienced businesses.
5. Commission based affiliate programs where the mobile app is part of an integrated campaign package.

This category recognises applications that aid and facilitate productivity such as notes, diaries, word processors, schedulers, data entry and spreadsheet apps.

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