2013 Australian Craft Awards

The 2013 Made With Love-Cards And Crafts Santa Key [DRAFT]




Does your house NOT have a chimney? Do you struggle each year to explain to your children how Santa can deliver his presents even though there is no chimney?

Have no fear because your solution is here!

Made With Love-Cards And Crafts introduces to you our 2013 Santa Key. Our Santa Keys are perfect for houses that don't have chimney's saving Santa time and worry of trying to work out how he can make his delivery of his Xmas cheer! Simply hang the Santa Key set on your front door on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa to come and make his visit!

Our 2013 design measures a massive 18cmx12cm and with its prominent red and white colour scheme it is certain to get Santa's attention this Christmas Eve!


Made with love-cards and crafts


Growing up I was the eldest of 10 children, and each year there would be a massive debate between my siblings over the existence and belief of Santa. It was all because we didn't have a chimney and the younger of the children were confused as to how Santa could deliver his presents if there is no chimney.

This was the basis for my inspiration along with the need to have memorable xmas traditions year in, year out.

I realised that the Santa Key not only helped to keep the magic and spirit of Xmas alive but it also created a new tradition that had started last year, with the introduction of our 2012 version of the Santa Key.

I am excited and proud to be helping hundreds of Australian families start a new tradition this year!

Design Challenge

Last year was the first year Made with love introduced the Santa Key to Australian families.

It was such a success and massive hit with many boasting that it was one of the highlights of their xmas.

So I felt the pressure and need to create a better design then last years.

I wanted it to be bigger and better, I took the 'bigger' concept literally. This years Santa Key measures a massive 18cmx12cm!

With it's prominent red and white design it is bound to get Santa's attention this Xmas!

This award celebrates creative and innovative craftsmanship for stationery. Consideration given to materials, concept, originality, function and aesthetic.

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