2016 Melbourne Design Awards

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Silver Winner 

Project Overview

Sidedoor was briefed to create an awareness campaign based around Cyber Safety and anti-social behaviour on line. The purpose was 2 fold -
1. Develop a campaign to create awareness about the risks and consequences of bad cyber behaviour
2. Make a difference in the community by connecting with young people who may be victims of bullying and identify resources and support. The campaign was title 'CYBER SAFETY - ITS THERE FOR LIFE'

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



Julie Jackson - Strategy
Wendy Bakker-Mayall - Design
Abbie Stoyel - Design

Project Brief

The Sidedoor team created a strategy involving an edgy and confronting campaign to make an impact and reach out to the youth market.

The project execution involved developing a campaign theme, logo, and communication material including posters, brochures, pull-up banners, branded merchandise and a social media strategy including a dedicated Facebook page.

Based on our understanding of the youth market the campaign creative execution was crucial in gaining acceptance and engagement of this audience. Through the use of thought-provoking images and shocking headlines we cut through to communicate our message and achieve audience participation.

Our objective for the social media component was to achieve 'Likes' for the Facebook page so that we could continue an on-going conversation with our target market about being cyber savvy. To that end, we developed a 'Take a Stand' initiative and encouraged young people to show their support of cyber safety by posting a 'selfie' of themselves in front of the campaign banners and post on Facebook as a show of support. The banners were found within the community and at Youth Events.

Project Innovation/Need

In addition to the launch material and 'Take a Stand' initiative, there were 2 other key elements to the campaign:

1. School participation - the Youth Services team at Mitchell Shire launched the campaign through schools to open the discussion about cyber safety. A campaign brochure offered statistics, FAQ's and tips about how to deal with cyber issues.

2. We developed a novel merchandise piece to reinforce the message to 'Think Before You Post' A heat sensitive mood card was produced that required a thumb print to test a person's mood and determine whether they were calm and OK to post on social media. The card was distributed throughout the community to further stimulate conversation about cyber safety.

Design Challenge

The greatest challenge was to create a campaign that would appeal to the youth market. This is a fickle and discerning audience that will quickly discredit an attempt to connect or be 'cool'

Our campaign tapped into the behaviour of the youth market and engaged on their level. The overall campaign execution relied on selecting the right imagery together with smart copy rather than 'talking' at the audience.
Based on delivering within budget, we were able to source appropriate stock images and develop an integrated campaign that was informative, engaging, stimulated the desired call to action and provided Mitchell Shire Council with an on-going avenue to continue the conversation through social media.

User Experience

The Cyber Tattoo Campaign has created a platform for conversation and continues to have an impact in the Mitchell Shire Community as the Schools program continues.

The growing Facebook page continues to engage with the audience and provide a useful resource for the community, in particular the people that need assistance with bullying and cyber issues. It remains a constant reinforcement about the Cyber Safety message through the Facebook posts and participation at events.

The Youth Services team at Mitchell Shire continue to use the campaign communication material at Youth events and youth centres within the community.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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