2013 Melbourne Design Awards

Photo Credit : Photography by John Tsiavis: http://www.tsiavis.com/



Project Overview

"Become part of the IT Crowd" – Circuit are a Melbourne based specialist IT recruitment group.

Having outgrown their start-up identity, Circuit were seeking a new brand visual identity that would position them as an industry leader by reflecting their people-centred approach, emphasis on work-life balance and the company's social conscience.

Our outcome, a brand identity that celebrates the diversity, vibrance, energy and passion of the Circuit team, their industry and people that are making IT happen.

Project Commissioner

Circuit Recruitment

Project Creator

Studio Alto


Design: Studio Alto

Design: Studio Alto
Development: Ben Hemming

Photographer: John Tsiavis
Photography Asst: John O'Rourke
Hair & Make up: Antoinette Bekos
Stylist: Rebecca Sheppard
Talent: Circuit Recruitment
Art Direction: Studio Alto

Project Brief

From a branding perspective, the IT recruitment industry can seem uninspiring and one dimensional - all corporate handshakes and negative rhetoric ("Sick of your current job?")

Circuit Recruitment are a youthful, energetic team with big personalities and a fresh outlook. When they approached us for a complete revamp of their brand identity, they had an open brief and were looking for a vision that emphasised how Circuit does things differently to the rest of the industry.

With their support, we got to turn the notion of IT geek on its head and position Circuit as the big cheese in the world of IT rockstars.

Our solution was to bring a sense of fun, creativity, energy and warmth to IT recruitment. To bring the idea to life, we proposed a Circuit-tailored photo-campaign that celebrates the diversity, vibrance and passion of the Circuit team. This photo-campaign would then form the basis of all future brand collateral.

The client was blown away with the result - an iconic campaign with a light-hearted spin on the IT & Recruitment industries.

Project Need

To bring the idea to life, we conceptualised a vibrant photo shoot with the Circuit 'IT Rock stars' (clients and candidates included) wielding absurd, oversized 8 Bit props - a celebration of good ol' geekery. Each prop was lovingly hand-made in our own 8-bit prop sweatshop - it was all hands on deck and took 32 man (and woman) hours to create.

The 10hr photo shoot was like a Christmas party. The client brought along 30+ people, food, booze and animals to all fit into the small studio. There was no professional talent, just real people in the IT industry. Fortunately, they were all good-looking geeks who weren’t camera shy.

The end result - a unique visual campaign that formed the basis of Circuit's new brand identity. The final creative has been applied to all forms of visual communication, marketing and corporate collateral. The Circuit website was a major factor in the company's new business model neede to be re-built from the ground up. The new responsive website features live job feeds and job application facilities for candidates.

Design Challenge

The challenge was to bring a personable side to the corporate IT recruitment industry – an industry that can seem complicated and inaccessible to non IT folk. Our aim was to portray Circuit as an industry leader with a sociable point of difference.

We proposed to bring a sense of fun, familiarity, creativity, energy and warmth to the brand by playing up the nostalgia of 80's and 90's computer graphics, while turning the notion of the IT geek on its head. We also threw in a dash of stereotypical corporate-marketing-mockery for good measure.


While sustainability wasn't an important factor in the client's brief, we were proud to transform Circuit's business communications from paper-driven to an online voice across their shiny new social media, email and website.

They are now an online information hub for the IT recruitment industry - with little need for paper branding. We actually drafted up concepts for their business stationery (as requested) but the strength of their online campaign blew any paper format out of the picture.

We are also proud to have worked with a company that donates to charity $200 of each permanent placement fee that is received from a client. The client can choose from any of their partnered charities including RSPCA, Save the Children, The Difference & JRS Australia.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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