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Project Overview

Workible is a mobile and social recruitment platform for flexible workforce industries that allows employers to find better people faster and job seekers to find work to suit their needs. Workible allows employers and job seekers to connect anywhere, anytime on any device. Job seekers build professional work profiles on Workible. Then employers post their needs and are immediately matched to skill specific, industry experienced and available candidates. Selected candidates are instantly notified via push. Coming Soon: Once candidates show their interest, employers can video interview them to get to the person behind the resume for fast hires.

Project Commissioner

Hire Me Up Pty Ltd

Project Creator

Terem Technologies


Allison Baker - Project Director
Scott Middleton - Architect
Baris Tuncay - Project Manager
Joe Wongchanlor - Software Engineer
Chris James - Software Engineer
Shamus Hart - Designer and UX Manager
Fiona Anson - UX and Testing

Project Brief

The Professional, white-collar workforce has LinkedIn. A platform that allows employers and worker to connect and allows social interaction between professionals and brands. They also have job boards like Seek allowing employers to spend plenty of time recruiting the talent they need.

But employers in some of Australia's biggest industries employ flexible workers. In fact, 6.7 MILLION of them. They have no such platform. And one very specific and un-catered for need.....

The need to find staff fast!

With flexible workers (part time, casual, contract, temp and roster based staff) there's often not the luxury of 4 week's notice. In fact, it's often more like 4 days - or even 4 hours. And it's a highly transient workforce.

So instead of posting job ads and waiting for mountains of irrelevant resumes to come flooding in, Workible allows employers to do exactly what they need - tap into people pools. Pronto!

A seamless meld of social, recruitment and staff management functionality, Workible is the first truly mobile solution that solves the real pain points of both employers and job seekers in this workspace by allowing them to profile themselves and their needs in the best light then allowing skill-specific, industry-specific and availability matched connections - all delivered on mobile via push notifications so that, when they need to connect, they can, in real time anywhere, anytime on any device.

Project Need

Workible is a truly disruptive solution to the recruitment space. Up until now the only innovation in this industry has been the emergence of job boards which took old style of newspaper classified and brought them online. But these "online classified" models still don't address the needs that flexible workforce employers have - the need to find staff quickly and the need to management and work around fluctuating availabilities.

Many workers in this space are students or working parents who, like it or not, do have fluctuating needs. Not to acknowledge this fact has meant that employers in these industries have extraordinarily high turnover rates - in retail alone the average is 37% pa.

Workible is innovative in that it not only addresses both pain points for employers but that it also uses mobile technology to do so.

Workible is developed with PhoneGap allowing for easy deployment across mobile systems whilst behaving like a true native app. It also incorporates the use of a social platform that allows employer brands to engage with employees and potential employees of their company with information about culture and initiatives but also allows them to offer a way for job seekers to get on employment for the companies and industries of their choices by opting in to company and industry Shortlists.

In future, for speedy interviews, Workible will incorporate video interviewing to allow a company to see the person behind the resume.

User Experience

It was important for us to ensure that both employers and job seekers (and staff) are engaged with Workible regularly. Employers need to know that job seekers on our database are actively looking for roles and are not just profiles accumulated over time. To that end, we use push notifications to keep in contact with our job seekers, messaging them with relevant roles or when they haven't engaged with the app for a number of days. Because matching jobs are pushed to users, there is the needs to continual engagement with the app.

From a UX perspective, our designer has designed Workible with this at front of mind. Once designed, we test the UX both internally and externally with people outside the organisation to ensure that the UX is smooth, functional and intuitive.

Project Marketing

Workible has two markets - the employer and the job seeker - therefore we have two marketing strategies.

For employers, we have a "top down" approach and we do this in several ways. The first is a sales team that directly contacts employers to bring them on as clients of Workible. The second is through media, speaking and PR to various industry and business associations, through journals and contributions of thought leadership on the move to flexible workforces forums, blogs and publications. The third is through strategic alliances with relevant business partners who have similarly targeted demographics. To date, we have alliances with Employee management software providers, accounting software providers and a major bank.

For our job seekers, reaching them is also done in a number of ways. Our two main demographics are students and working parents - although it is not limited to this. We reach them through a combination of social media, event marketing, PR and guerilla marketing campaigns.

Our ongoing marketing is done through eDMs and publicity with both our existing clients (both types) and new ones. We engage with both through social media and invite them to contribute to various marketing initiatives thus engaging them with our brand.

This category recognises the best new service or application on a mobile platform.
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