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Guvera Ipad App [DRAFT]







Project Overview

In 2013 Guvera has pioneered in the on-demand music streaming market offering the only ad-funded service that delivers unlimited mobile access to millions of the most popular songs by the world's biggest artists. Australians have clicked with this homegrown service with more than 350,000 music lovers joining in the first 90 days, and they continue to enjoy its evolution. Music services need to be more than just a great technology platform and Guvera is leading the charge by providing its users with the most immersive music experience, offering beautiful interfaces, premium curated content, and community-driven discovery.





The Project was completely delivered with Australian resources. The product development, design and backend API services were all built by Guvera Australia, on the Gold Coast. The App was delivered in association with our development partners, NextFaze, Adelaide Australia.

Project Brief

Continuous evolution has been a central pillar to the Guvera ethos since the inception of the company in 2008. Guvera entered the on-demand music streaming market with the single aim of opening up the world's best music to all consumers with an ad-funded model. To succeed with this audacious goal Guvera is redefining user engagement allowing music lovers to enjoy their favourite music on their terms whilst acknowledging the businesses, brands, and industry players that make it all possible.

Guvera users can expect to find the world's best content at their fingertips on a wide range of mobile devices with the celebrated iPad app being the most recent addition. Simple, fast and fun are key design principles for all Guvera products, and those principles flow through the every feature from discovering new artists and songs, sharing with the community, growing your collection and generally immersing yourself in your favourite tunes.

Project Need

With the rapid growth in consumption of streaming media music lovers have watched the number of music services grow but innovation has languished with most services offering bland products that rely on monthly paid subscriptions. Guvera has changed the game by allowing all users to gain access to the music they love, when they want it, wherever they want it, all they have to do is love using our products.

Looking at the new Guvera iPad app it's not hard to see why users love the service. In the office or out-and-about you get instant access to hand-crafted playlists from Guvera's in-house music experts, it's one tap to the most popular tracks, and you can find nearly any song from the Guvera catalogues in a couple of seconds. Building your personal collection is easy. Even better, it's available online and across all of your mobile devices, and once you've listened to your tracks you can play them whenever you like stream-free.

User Experience

Good user experience is all about allowing users to do what they want to do exactly the way they expect to do it. With Guvera the user experience starts with the customer proposition, enjoy your favourite music, from all your devices, whenever you like.

A large part of the music immersion experience is the fun of discovering new music, new artists and browsing the most popular content. The Guvera interface allows users to navigate content with generous use of mood and genre imagery and high-quality artwork accompanying every track. Each app has leveraged the latest technology to deliver a surprisingly simple and intuitive user journey that feels native on the user's device. In a couple of taps you can find your favourite songs, save the full album, search for an artist and flip through their full album and track history. If you're on the bus it's two taps to all the tracks that are cached for offline play or if you're just bunking down for a long day of work it's one tap to the best of indie curated playlist.

Guvera is the most immersive music service on the market and it's designed to deliver the leading user experience for music lovers everywhere.

Project Marketing

Music consumption is social and so is Guvera's marketing strategy.
Guvera has worked with Facebook to deliver a range of highly successful acquisition campaigns that are naturally supported by the thousands of existing users that choose to post their #nowplaying streams to their personal streams.

When you have great content then it's easy to pull together content marketing partnerships. Guvera publishes their curated playlists on partner sites and social channels and with the next round of feature releases Guvera will be allowing users to publish and share their own playlists for all their friends and even the wider community to enjoy, rate and follow.

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