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EnergyAustralia Digital Sales Experience for Mobile [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Get a quote for electricity and gas in 30 seconds. Sign up for your energy plan in just minutes. And you can do this all on your mobile! Previously unheard of in the energy industry but with EnergyAustralia it is now possible.

EnergyAustralia has made getting a quote and signing up for electricity and gas on your mobile understandable and easy. Compare plans, get an estimated cost of your bill and sign up using the mobile tool anywhere, anytime.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Shine Technologies


Shine Technologies

Development Team: Luke Alexander, Grant Ruwoldt, James Heanly, Vicente Tommasi & Tyrell Perera
UX & Design: Sri Elkins

Energy Australia

Digital Delivery: Theresa Brancatisano, Joe Distefano, Georgina Karastavrou.
Business Analysis: Ming Tan
Project Management: Darren Halliday
Architecture: Matt O’Keefe
Testing & QA: Rishab Singh

Project Brief

As one of Australia's largest and most experienced energy retailers, Energy Australia offers both residential and business customers competitive electricity and gas rates and friendly customer service.

Energy Australia’s previous quote tool enabled customers to get a quote and sign up online through the use of a lengthy form. The user experience was poor and the design outdated. It was out of step with EnergyAustralia’s services and brand.

The task was to redesign the digital quote tool to create a responsive web app that works seamlessly across all platforms, providing users with the information they need to make an informed choice on the best energy deal for their situation.

The new quote tool would give customers an instant quote for their energy bill wherever they are – at home, work or on the go – and whatever their situation – small business, home, switching providers or moving to a new home.

The primary aim of the new tool was to provide an engaging and efficient quoting and sign up experience; providing users with instant feedback on their choices, allowing them to play with options to find the plan that suits them best. And if they like what they see, they can sign up on the spot in minutes – even sitting on the train on the way home!

Project Need

Let’s face it – how many people out there actually enjoy hunting around for the most suitable deal for their gas and electricity? Not many. It definitely isn’t as exciting as booking a holiday online.

Energy Australia looked at the problem directly and acknowledged that they needed to positively engage their audience with something that would make the process of selecting energy services transparent, quick and easy.

To overcome the absence of a friendly customer service representative greeting the customer as per the call centre, EnergyAustralia designed the experience with a digital equivalent, to guide users through their energy options in a positive and enabling way.

The digital quote tool is the first real quote tool offering instant personalised feedback, outstanding user experience and a fast, easy route through to sign-up.

It highlights Energy Australia’s commitment to exemplary service, syncs with the light, fresh and friendly face of the brand and most important of all, enables users to resolve their energy needs quickly, easily and enjoyably.

User Experience

Wherever a user is - be it at home, at work or on the go - and whatever their service need - residential or business - they can be assured of the best experience possible in getting the information they need quickly and easily to find the best energy plan for their situation.

By entering their postcode on the Energy Australia website, the user is immediately presented with a few options to specify their energy needs. The user selects their energy service, household size and desired product benefit and is immediately shown an estimate of what a similar household could expect to pay for their energy during an average month or quarter.

Their estimate is updated live as the user tailors their quote, which is a key differentiator in the market, as it empowers customers to compare different options. Users can choose to add green energy and review plan features and rates in deeper detail if they wish. Their estimate will update again to reflect their choices.

At this point the user can elect to email the quote to themselves or to someone else (a partner or housemate) to review later, or proceed directly to the easy sign-up process to arrange their energy connection.

The process is simple, engaging and enjoyable and rewards the user with instant feedback, ensuring the best experience for customers looking for the best energy plan for their needs.

Project Marketing

Developing the mobile sales experience for EnergyAustralia has been in direct response to the ever-growing number of customers using the mobile channel. More and more customers are using the mobile channel month on month and EnergyAustralia wanted to ensure that these customers were receiving the same best-of-breed experience as those using the tool via the web.

To celebrate the launch of the new digital quote tool, EnergyAustralia have launched their best offer campaign. The best offer campaign gives new customers who sign up via EnergyAustralia’s digital channels the best available deal on gas or electricity*. Driving customers to the digital sales channel is also being supported by Digital Marketing activities such as social media, display advertising and paid search.

*Excludes small business, staff and existing customer offers, limited corporate and partner offers

This category relates to applications that are design to aid a sales force become more productive.
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