2012 Mobile Awards

mobile, web, IoT, desktop, connected devices
design champion, best studio, best start-up & IoT
plus 20 specialist nomination categories

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Project Overview

Our Nokia Lumia entry, a mobile advertising campaign using state of the art HTML5 rich media technology, is a truly unique and innovative campaign that has leveraged all the benefits that mobile advertising offers.

Project Commissioner

Carat Australia

Project Creator



Tom Charles - Digital Account Director, Carat Australia
Blake Power - Digital Executive, Carat Australia
Scott Polchleb - Creative Art Director, Inmobi
Jeremy Pell - Sales Manager, InMobi
Marc Fine - Head of Marketing, InMobi

Project Brief

As part of a multi channel campaign, Nokia wanted to build a mobile campaign that would be able to reach consumers in a relevant environment and educate them on the benefits of the Nokia Lumia smartphone and how it works.

Project Innovation / Need

Carat came to the conclusion that mobile was the perfect platform to support the multi-channel objective and the InMobi and Carat teams worked together deliver the mobile component of the campaign.

In an incredibly crowded smartphone market, Nokia needed to think outside the traditional realms of advertising to allow their target audience to engage with the new Nokia Lumia device. They needed to create an environment where consumers could experience the device in their own time, at their own leisure and in their own way.

User Experience

The team created a full experience of the Nokia Lumia device within the Sprout technology platform, which uses the latest HTML5 technology. Using innovative design and creative, we created a truly original immersive, interactive and memorable experience that allowed consumers to have the Nokia Lumia come to life in a very personable way. They were able to virtually hold the handset, click through the tiles and play with the device in their own hands.

The originality of this campaign has given the industry a new creative edge; showing brands and platforms alike that mobile is a truly innovative and interactive platform that can facilitate high engagement.

Project Marketing

The target audience of the campaign: existing smartphone users that were looking to upgrade their smartphone device. Therefore, it was critically important to create a environment where the intuitive interface of the Nokia Lumia could be demonstrated, where all the great features of the device could be shown, including social media integration, Photo’s, messaging, personalisation and more.

The campaign ran on the InMobi advertising network in Australia, which today reaches over 2 billion impressions every quarter and half the Australian population.

The other true benefit was that Nokia was able to target the campaign to specific devices to ensure that they were truly reaching their target audience. This approach assisted in driving up the level of engagement and improved the overall results of the campaign.

This category recognises campaigns that use a combination of platforms to engage customers, such as print, online, mobile applications and messaging for an integrated experience.
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