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Field InTouch [DRAFT]



Project Overview

Field Intouch is a versatile, modular platform providing field representatives with a single tablet application to provide the core of their needs in the field.
With Field InTouch representatives can present compelling sales presentations, complete in-field training, capture market insights and manage in-call tasks all from the one interface. Clients can also integrate administration tasks and forms to free their field force from their laptop.
Field InTouch is already being used by thousands of representatives across Australia in multiple industry categories. Field InTouch is the in field application for the post PC revolution.


Creative Licence Digital


A collaboration of Creative Licence Digital's production, design and development teams

Project Brief

Field force mobility is potentially one of the biggest issues in field force management today. Across a range of industries, suppliers are seeking mobility solutions that will deliver them superior customer engagement and trade insight whilst driving brand activation programmes.
Traditionally however, finding a one size fits all solution for a field force that addresses these challenges whilst integrating with CRM and admin systems has been difficult and has often led to unwieldily custom laptop applications and hours of lost productivity. Field InTouch was developed as a platform that seeks to provide a modular, flexible solution to these issues.
As well as a number of standard modules that allow presentation delivery and insight capture, it easily integrates with CRM providers like salesforce.com, SAP and Oracle to allow the provision of lightweight, user friendly custom modules to ensure an organisations total field requirements are met.

Key features:
All of the sales representative’s modules are housed InDash. One seamless, intuitive interface featuring our standard modules and anything custom. Side by side.
Brings sales messages to life with our presentation module. Utilising compelling graphical media to deliver more dynamic, engaging and informative presentations.
Introduce gamification into product education and representative tasks to compel interest and message retention.
InField training
Complete training material within minutes. From rich media video training to a daily quiz.
Keep your representatives experts in your field, and track progress on leaderboards.

And a host of other features including InCall Tasks, InField Messaging, InSight.

Project Innovation / Need

The Field InTouch solution allows a sales force to truly leverage business intelligence for improvement of selling media, messages and CRM. With the help of the tablet’s touch screen combined with interactive media employed by Field InTouch, the sales call is now a two way conversation. The sales representative is able to deliver media and allow the client to respond simply with a touch or swipe to demonstrate their opinions or preferences.

With this at hand, a company’s business strategists can now view up to the minute analytics on the product messages being delivered by their sales representatives though the use of in-built presentation slide and game timers. Graphical sliders and drag and drop animations are used to capture opinions on products being demonstrated. Access to this live data, means that modifications are able to be made to sales media and redistributed to reps instantly via the cloud.

In addition, Field InTouch allows the often dispersed sales team to be connected more than ever before. The training materials in form of games and quizzes are hosted within the application can be linked to leader boards allowing reps to challenge their counterparts to a test of product knowledge. Built-in Instant Messaging services also allow reps to ask their peers for feedback and assistance with any sticking points in they encounter in their sales pitch.

User Experience

Field InTouch, potentially used by an older, traditional sales demographic had to be simple and intuitive. Once the app is opened the user can select between each feature components designed specifically for their sales needs, like sales modules, in field training, task lists for each call, games for product education, rep to rep instant messaging and integrated call planner.

Our design and development philosophy ensures an optimal user experience is at the heart of the app. With the Field InTouch app, we based our approach on the following;
- Simplicity; We pay particular attention to the primary tasks a user wants to achieve and whether they can achieve it within a few touches.
- Intuitive; clear and user friendly navigation is key in mobile. Given the varied environments in which a user is likely to use the site or app, design composition ensures high contrast between background and text allowing ease of browsing and reading. All content is viewed without the need for pinch and zoom or scrolling.
- Catering to chubby fingers; we use large, centered buttons and give them breathing room to reduce accidental clicks, whilst increasing click zones of smaller buttons to ensure direct response

Project Marketing

Field InTouch is marketed through a number of B2B channels including public trade shows, private seminars held by some of Australia’s largest field forces, and is featured in a number of trade publications. In addition, the platform is supported by a dedicated B2B sales force that have established relationships with some Australia’s leading FMCG, pharma and textile companies. The platform is already in use in leading companies like Assics, Novartis, Hilton Worldwide and Pernot Ricard.

Trade Shows
Field InTouch’s CEO and Director Darren Winterford is a regular speaker at mobile industry conferences and industry conferences focused on exploring field force opportunities. In recent times, Darren has delivered keynote speeches at the 2011 iOS 5 developer briefing and 2011 Retail World Summit.

B2B Sales Team
Field InTouch’s sales arm is squarely focused on marketing the Field InTouch platform to modernise business processes and enhance efficiency within organisations. We market directly to CIO’s and Digital Communications Managers offering solutions that best suit their organisation structure and product offering.

This category relates to applications developed in order to aid and facilitate organisations requiring mobility whilst out of the office.
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