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FieldStorm [DRAFT]



Project Overview

FieldStorm™ is the cloud application designed for mobile business professionals to give them all the tools they need to manage clients and staff in the field from their iPhone and iPad. Built on the world’s leading cloud computing platform, force.com, FieldStorm™ makes business mobile, improving efficiency, automating workflow processes, improving customer satisfaction, as well as tracking and monitoring workforce performance. The FieldStorm™ app can easily be customised to suit each organisation or specific industries mobile workflow processes.


Bell George Pty Ltd


Project Manager - Tom Godfrey
iOS Developers - John Pope and Igor Nakonetsnoi
Server Side Development - Tom Tantisalidchai
UX - Yann Chellah
Design and Graphics - Julie Morin & Bronte Lockwood

Project Brief

The FieldStorm™ app revolutionises the way mobile workforces do business by taking paper based systems and processes and making them digital. It can be tailored to suit organisations mobile workflow processes and delivers measurable benefits around workforce utilization, visibility and reporting.

FieldStorm’s™ Benefits
• Improves efficiency of mobile workforces
• Automates mobile workflow processes
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Tracks and monitors mobile workforce’s performance

FieldStorm’s™ Features:
• Creates client partnerships
• Mobile billing and enterprise database integration
• Payment tracking and push notifications
• Barcode scanner for in-store stock check
• In-app product ordering
• Picture viewer for presenting promotional ideas
• Workforce geo-specific check-ins with real time map display
• Staff efficiency tracking and reporting
• DocuSign integration

FieldStorm™ can be utilized across a wide variety of industries including Real Estate, Retail & POS, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT and Building & Construction. Any industry with a mobile workforce can improve efficiency and automate workflow processes, increasing customer satisfaction and streamlining reporting.

Nestle has deployed the FieldStorm™ app across its independent supermarket sales team. It has effectively mobilised them to;
• Create a sales partnership with retail
• Electronically sign sales contracts using DocuSign
• Check in to a client’s location
• Order and pay for products
• Present point of sale concepts

Built on force.com, FieldStorm™ is an enterprise solution mobile workforces can’t do without.

Project Innovation / Need

FieldStorm™ has changed the way mobile workforces interact with their customers and provide accurate and real time visibility and reporting.
• Home Screens – give access to all the mobile workforce needs to manage, do business, and present to clients in the field.
• Accounts – access to client specific information drawn down from a salesforce.com database.
• Team – stay in touch with the team in the field and “check in” at client locations.
• Partnership & Payments – create a partnership with an existing Account and agree on contract details.
• Idea A Day – present and share promotional ideas to your Account and mobile workforce.
• Scan – track and log product in-store by scanning the products barcode and verifying it against a mobile database.
• People & Events – access the contact information for our team and view the partnerships they creative in calendar format.

FieldStorm™ has been developed on Force.com, a proven cloud platform for building and has the ability to run social, mobile, and real-time employee workflows that digitise, automate and extend business processes.

The FieldStorm™ app uses DocuSign to help its customers decrease transaction cycle times, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction with the easiest, fastest, most secure global network for sending, signing, tracking, and storing documents in the cloud.

User Experience

Extensive User Experience was conducted with mobile sales professionals across a range of sectors from FMCG to IT and Real Estate to achieve simplicity and ease of use. User groups were also conducted with key stakeholders who manage large mobile workforces.

The process investigated the way mobile workforces interact with customers with the view of reducing the time spent with each customer, identified the key data they needed to be captured on a mobile device, ensuring efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Where possible all the information gathered was used to create templates for iPhone and iPad ,which prompted users in an informative way.

Project Marketing

Business-to-Business marketing has been undertaken by Bell George, which includes;

• Gold sponsor at Cloudforce 2012.
• Launch of the FieldStorm website.
• Direct marketing to key business sectors that have mobile workforces including Real Estate, Retail & POS, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT and Building & Construction.
• Business networking promoting and communicating the key benefits of the FieldStorm™ app.

This category relates to applications that are design to aid a sales force become more productive.
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