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Project Overview

Found Pets is an Animal Welfare League NSW initiative to reunite Found Pets with their owners as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the support of local councils across the country, the Found Pets iPhone App and website provides the public with all the information they need to identify, locate and collect their pet, so they are off the streets and back at home in the loving environment where they belong.

Project Commissioner

Animal Welfare League NSW

Project Creator

Bell George


Project Manager - Tom Godfrey
iOS Developer - Igor Nakonetsnoi & John Pope
Server Side Development - Tom Tantisalidchai
Project Lead - Tim Vasudeva

Project Brief

Found Pets provides pet owners with the information they need when a much loved pet has gone missing. Through the use of two iPhone apps and website, members of the public can get information including;

* When their pet is found
* Where their pet is found
* Where their pet is being held
* How to be reunited with their pet

The Found Pets iPhone app is free to the public and can be downloaded from iTunes. A rangers app was also created and built on force.com

So how does the process work? The council ranger finds a pet in their area. They use their iPhone to photograph the pet and record the animals’ details including type, sex & size. The ranger submits the information using their iPhone and the "Found Pet" is then loaded to the app and website.

Within the app, pet owners can search for their Found Pet and if they can't immediately find it they can set a push notification that will let them know if a pet fitting the appropriate description has been found by a ranger in their area.

Found Pets can quickly and efficiently put pet owners in touch with information collected by local council rangers, so their pets can be found and reunited with their loving owner.

Project Innovation / Need

Found Pets is an innovative app and website that puts local councils and pet owners in touch with each other, using familiar technology - iPhone & website - used on a daily basis. It reduces the hassle of having to call the local council or pounds in your area, getting the run around, while your pet is out on the street.

The photo of the pet posted by the local council rangers and the key details entered (size, sex, colour etc) enables the pet owner to accurately identify the pet, quickly and efficiently so there is peace of mind instantly.

Every year thousands of lost pets are needlessly killed with pet owners unaware their furry family member is alive and well at a local pound. For the first time the Found Pets app allows pet owners to receive information directly from council rangers about when and where animals are found in the community. Previously, rangers had to rely solely on pet microchip information that can be out of date. The Found Pets app is a win-win for councils, animal welfare groups and pet owners across the country

User Experience

Found Pets was designed for people of all ages to be able to quickly access and receive information about lost pets in the community. Extensive research was undertaken with pet owners that have been through the distress of having to locate an animal in the council pound system. Interviews were also conducted with animal welfare representatives and key stakeholders from local government to ensure the user interface was simple, intuitive and effective.

For the Found Pets ranger app, interviews were conducted with council rangers in a number of key councils to determine a workflow that suited their unique mobile requirements. Critically speed of use in capturing information and submitting it to the Found Pets consumer app and website was an essential UX criteria.

Demonstration apps were also created using Axure for the interview phase to help convey the user experience and assist in providing accurate feedback for the app development.

Project Marketing

The marketing strategy is primarily being driven by the Animal Welfare League NSW. It's approach includes;

* Direct marketing via their memberships and associations with other organisations.
* Local Councils and pounds will also help to drive to usage and promote the Found Pets app and website with council ranges and pet owners.
* The app will also be driven by word of mouth and social networking via pet owners.
* A Twitter feed from the Found Pets website, will also help to promote the app.
* Leveraging key sponsorship opportunities

Phase two of the marketing includes;

* Engaging Vets in NSW by providing signage and promotional collateral to promote Found Pets
* Found Pets Facebook page and integration with the website and app.

This category recognises applications developed for Not-For-Profit organisations and charities.
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