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Streaka Video Platform [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Streaka is an iPad Application and Video Recording Platform for businesses who want to give their customers an exciting way to engage with their brand and share memories of an experience.

Customers record a video and upload it to the cloud. The video has corporate branding and advertisements attached to it, and then it is available to be shared online.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Kintek.com.au PTY LTD


Madhava Jay (Lead Developer),
Maurice Kindermann (Designer & Project Manager),
James Fleming (Developer),
Kalki Rose (Developer),
Leandro Costa (Developer)

Project Brief

Streaka is a powerful marketing solution that utilises iPad technology enabling your customers to automatically produce and distribute advertising for your business.

Using your fully branded touchscreen your customers produce video messages which are automatically embedded with your branding and advertising content and then distributed to their friends and family for free.

Your advertising is delivered directly to your target markets.

Streaka automates the production of content for your social media strategies and facilitates word of mouth marketing about your business.

Once the recipient opens the branded email, they can view the video and then have the option to share it via social media channels. The video itself can contain top and tail ads, as well as a watermark, and the portal page contains branding and optional advertisement links.

It's important that when someone receives a Streaka video email it works regardless of where they are. To ensure they still get the branded experience on their mobile phone, the customizable profile page is built with a HTML5 responsive design to look great on iPhones, Android phones, iPads and Desktop browsers.

Project Innovation / Need

Streaka gives businesses a turn key solution which enables them to engage their customers and produce unique and branded user generated video content. It also allows their customers to disseminate it for them through a trusted channel to their social network.

Using the Streaka online CMS, businesses can customize the entire branding experience.

- The recording time, wallpaper and Terms and Conditions in the App can be configured remotely and are pushed to the device automatically.
- Devices can be set to auto or manual upload for different purposes.
- Watermarks and Top and Tail video ads added to all videos.
- Youtube Channel details, tags, and category can be configured.
- The emails sent to customers can be customized.
- Different branding images for Desktop, iPad and Mobile devices can be supplied.
- The video landing page also contains up to 4 clickable advertising areas which are tracked into the businesses Google Analytics.
- Social Media profile links for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ can be set.
- Email opens, video views and ad banner clicks are all tracked.

This has allowed Streaka to fit the needs of its clients who have used the Platform for events like the 2012 FxPro Super Rugby games, Carlton Draught Gold Coast Turf Club Tradies Raceday, Jupiters Casino’s Glisten Celebrity Pool Party and Southern Cross Austereo industry night.

The solution is currently being used by numerous businesses in events, charities, travel / tourism operators, festivals, restaurants, weddings and more.

User Experience

How it works:

A user sees the Streaka iPad either in a Branded Kiosk or being held by a promoter who encourages them to step up and record a video. The user can see their own Face while the video is recorded and is prompted with a countdown before the recording begins.

Afterwards they are given the option to approve the video and optionally email it to someone (or cancel to re-record).

The whole process has been designed to operate in Kiosk mode without any supervision and so it was imperative that it was super simple to use.

To achieve this, the interface has a single record button and once the video is complete or cancelled the app returns to the home screen of the app. The home screen contains a customizable wallpaper which can be used to either inform the user what to do, or provide additional advertising.

The recipient of the email is provided with a short branded email which explains what the email is about and a link to view the video on the branded portal page.

We felt it was important the recipient could watch the video and still get the branded experience on any device, so the page was built with a HTML5 and responsive design so that it works on Desktops, iPads, iPhones and Android devices in either landscape or portrait mode.

Project Marketing

By working with local companies, large corporate brands, and individuals Streaka are getting their name known.

This has allowed Streaka to fit the needs of its clients who have used the Platform for events like the 2012 FxPro Super Rugby games, Carlton Draught Gold Coast Turf Club Tradies Raceday, Jupiters Casino's Glisten Celebrity Pool Party and Southern Cross Austereo industry night, and many more.

Some of Streaka's kiosks are set-up in established venues and they tend to market themselves to the end user. When a potential user sees an iPad freely available in a venue or club, there's an interest incentive for them to take a look and record a quick video, send it to themselves or to a friend. It's quick, easy and free for them to do so.

This category relates to applications themed around nightlife. Applications promoting nighttime events and nightclubs would enter here.
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