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MLC Succession [DRAFT]


Project Overview

Succession was developed for MLC to assist financial planners specialising in personal succession advice to have an interactive and visually engaging conversation with clients. The application helps to identify the client's estate planning goals and objectives, and to facilitate and deliver solutions. The application is at practical completion, has been technically delivered, and is going through extended testing before full release.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

iApps Pty Ltd


Andrew Longhorn - CIO
Christopher Streel - Software Architect
Chris Nevin - Senior Software Architect
Adam Roth - Chief Software Architect

Project Brief

iApps believes one of the most important factors in a successful application is an emphasis on effective customer relationship management. In doing so we understand our customer's requirements, and in this case MLC wanted a well designed custom enterprise mobility application that would enhance its customer focused approach in a savvy and professional manner.

Extensive consultation with MLC client helps us identify the depth of the application's expected capabilities, and how it would:

1. Enhance enterprise asset management with uniform and intelligent storing of client data.

2. Allow financial planners to access information anytime, anywhere. The application will re-define the current customer service model, building intimate face-to-face rapport with clients via a mobile platform.

3. Modernising practices. Banks and financial institutions around the world are becoming more technologically savvy as customers are looking for new and more interactive qualities when choosing a provider.

Security and the supervised control-transmission of client data is naturally a primary concern for any financial institution. iApps designed the application to integrate government level encryption for restricting unauthorised access to content within the application.

Project Innovation / Need

¬ĚiApps was contracted to design and build the application alongside the MLC team due to its strong experience in development services, technical expertise and our approach to create intuitive software that guides the user.
iApps designed the MLC succession planning mobile application to avoid re-entry of information, thus lowering the risk of operator error. This was achieved through engineering the system to support the re-use of data in the event that revisiting clients use the application with an adviser.

User Experience

The primary function of the MLC application is to assist in the process of data capture during the succession planning process. iApps designed the application to enhance advisor confidence, professionalism and efficiency. Both companies worked together to design the system to deliver real benefits while in use.
When approaching the design of an application, iApps understands some users adapt to new technology faster than others, therefore our ability to create a user-friendly design is paramount. The flow of Succession was taken down to its simplest and most logical core flow, and was then built upon to create a user-friendly, effective and visually appealing application.

Project Marketing

As this is an internal application marketing does not apply.

This category relates to applications developed in order to aid and facilitate organisations requiring mobility whilst out of the office.
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