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365cups [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Waiting is overrated. With 365cups, you will never have to wait for your coffee again!

With a few taps, scrolls and clicks of your smartphone, you can find a cafe, view its menu and order your coffee or snack before you leave the home or office, knowing that it will be ready for you to collect when you arrive.

Our app is the ultimate time saver and lets you spend time in the crowds you want to be in - and not in the coffee queue!




Simone Eyles - Director - Cofounder
Mariusz Stankiewicz - Director - Cofounder
Christopher Rowley - Director

Project Brief

If you've ever waited in line for a coffee or snack, checking your watch (and Facebook!), wishing your order would hurry up so you could be where you want to be, then 365cups is the app for you!

At 365cups, we know that when you need a coffee, you NEED a coffee! 365cups gets your coffee or snack to you faster through our smartphone ordering system. It's easy to access, simple to use and available 24/7 via the click of a button.

So how does 365cups work?
- Use the app to search for your favourite or closest cafe
- Check out the menu
- Place your order and indicate collection time
- Pay using online credits (or on collection)
- Make your way to the cafe, collect your order and away you go!

For cafes, we provide a system that eliminates disruptive phone orders, streamlines orders and preparation processes, limits crowding instore while people wait for their orders, provides exposure to new customers, and allows them to provide a faster and more convenient service to their tech-savvy customers.

Whether you're a client or customer, 365cups provides a high quality, fresh product that will become a regular part of your day, and definitely won't leave a bitter taste in your mouth - just like a good coffee!

Project Innovation / Need

Like most people, we didn't have time to stand around waiting for coffee during the busy morning rush - but we did need our coffee! After realising there was nothing in 'app land' to solve this problem, the idea for 365cups was born.

365cups was developed inhouse, by us in regional NSW. We were the first to market with an iPhone coffee ordering app in Australia and hold an innovation patent.

For our customers, some of our innovative features include:
- Search function to locate cafes linked to 365cups by name or address
- Fully branded cafe menus
- Collection time input to alert cafes of when orders need to be ready
- Favourites list to store favourite cafes for easy and quick access
- Credit option to pay for orders via the app

For our cafe clients, 365cups provides access to orders online or via a linked thermal printer, a convenient ordering method for their tech-savvy customers, increased market exposure and allows them to provide fast service for their customers.

And boy, has 365cups taken off! Since going live in January 2011, we have achieved the following outcomes:
- Over 10,000 registered app users
- Over 50 clients throughout Australia and New Zealand
- Over 40,000 orders generated to date
- Over $300,000 in revenue generated for our clients

Coffee anyone?

User Experience

365cups has two distinct users:

Clients (Cafes):
365cups provides a streamlined, efficient ordering system for clients.
- Clients use our easy system to upload their menu
- Orders are transmitted electronically or via a linked thermal printer
- Clients prepare orders ready for collection by the customer

No more disruptive phone orders or crowded counters with people waiting for orders. Just fast, effective ordering and delivery that brings customers back every time!

Customers (App users):
365cups provides customers with a fast, convenient way to order coffee and snacks, eliminating waiting times.
- Search for cafes using the 365cups program
- Check out the menu
- Place your order and indicate collection time
- Pay using online credits (or on collection)
- Collect your order

365cups was developed by two coffee-and-gadget-loving friends, neither of whom had ever worked in the hospitality industry. This meant we had to work closely with cafe owners to ensure the program would work for them as well as the customer.

We spoke to potential clients and customers and their feedback helped to form the first version of the app, which we took to market. We have since made regular updates to the app to meet the changing needs of our market, with more to come soon!

365cups will never be a 'finished product' - we will continue to grow and evolve with our markets.

Project Marketing

Our marketing strategy positions 365cups as the leader in mobile coffee and food ordering in Australia - the first to go to market and one that is continually improving and being enhanced according to the changing market.

Our marketing strategies for customers focus on online tactics, which fits their profile as tech-savvy app users. We primarily use social media, blogging and YouTube to communicate and engage customer users. Word of mouth has also been very effective for us. We engage customers with an annual survey where they can provide feedback and suggestions to improve the app.

Again, we use online tactics such as our website, social media, blogging and YouTube to communicate with and engage clients. We also use direct marketing tactics and face-to-face promotion. Word of mouth has also been effective with clients. We also engage clients with an annual feedback survey, however our close working relationship with clients allows for regular feedback and suggestions.

General strategies:
We have recently developed a comprehensive marketing and public relations plan that details the actions we will undertake to target new users and clients and maintain communications with current users and clients. It also outlines steps we will take to gain broad media coverage for 365cups, like our recent coverage on 60 Minutes.

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