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Aussie Mobile Site - Mobile Embrace Ltd [DRAFT]




Project Overview

It is forecast that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide by 2013. Internet-connected mobile devices are reshaping our daily lives.

The Aussie mobile site showcases the latest technology and innovative design.

The site features slick easy to use navigation and highly relevant content. Showcasing the power of HTML 5, users can calculate borrowing power and loan repayments. The user can seamlessly search property guides, read market news, research loans, book broker appointments and much more. One of the standout features of the site is that it is automatically optimised to over 12,000 handsets.

Project Commissioner

amnesia razorfish

Project Creator

Mobile Embrace Ltd


The project and creative team consisted of: from Aussie; Phil Eligio Digital Marketing Manager, from Amnesia Razorfish; Marlene Vicaire Account Manager, Dan Léon Krause Designer, Olivier Starck Senior Account Manager, from Mobile Embrace Ltd; Venessa Hunt Head of Production, Mark Santander Head of Design, Declan Kennedy Technical Architect and Josh Stevenson Software Engineer.

Project Brief

Mobile Embrace Ltd developed the mobile web site for Aussie based on the brief and creative design from advertising agency Amnesia Razorfish.

The mobile site needed to be accessible on a vast range of handsets. Functionality requirements were; Borrowing and loan calculators, property guides, property market news and analysis, downloadable forms, news feeds and a ‘Find a Store’locator.

The site was creatively designed by Amnesia Razorfish using the pre-visualisation tool LiveView to provide quick and easy real time simulation on a mobile (iPhone). To ensure a seamless user experience the site design needed to be developed around easy to use menus, simple navigation and be visually appealing.

The site was then built by Mobile Embrace taking these designs and implementing alternates based on handset degrading for older phones.

The Aussie mobile site showcases the best of mobile web design and provides users with an informative and engaging mobile experience.

Project Innovation / Need

The three core innovations of the Aussie mobile site are; Mobile Device Optimisation, Loan Calculators and GPS.

The mobile site is automatically optimised to over 12,000 handsets, a market leading number of handsets. The display of the mobile site will automatically change depending on the accessing handset, ensuring the best user experience possible and the widest reach.

Borrowing and repayment calculators within the site give users the ability to calculate their capacity to request a loan and to calculate repayments based on both principal & interest and interest only repayment types. Another key calculator feature is that the user can easily calculate the effect of an interest rate rise on their monthly repayments. The user-interface for the calculators showcases the power of rich HTML 5 while elegantly degrading to a usable form on handset devices that are unable to render rich media, allowing all users to take full advantage of the site.

The site provides a GPS ‘Find a store’ functionality in addition to the more compatible postcode based search when searching for store locations. Postcode based searching has been included to cater to users of older handsets unable to use the GPS functionality associated with smart phones. The post code functionality ensures that no user is disadvantaged. Integration of the Find a Store functionality instantly creates key advocates in each of Aussie’s 140+ franchisee store owners, who proudly share with their thousands of clients via WOM that they have a useful mobile site.

User Experience

Mobile is now the core area of consumer engagement. Users want simplicity and the ability to browse products and services on a mobile as they can on a fixed site. Companies need to increase customer satisfaction and attract new customers. Delivering a strong mobile user experience will achieve these objectives.

When accessing the Aussie web site from a mobile, an auto re-direct has been established to automatically take the user to the mobile site.

Arriving on the Home page screen, the menu options are clearly visible in a plain, uncluttered format allowing the user to quickly and easily navigate to their area of interest.

The site was designed to take into account mobile browsing limitations, such as; smaller screens, slower page load times and difficult data entry fields. As a result, the buttons are bigger and displayed in a navigation-friendly accordion menu format. File sizes of objects are small to limit the impact on page load times, and wherever possible, data entry fields have been avoided as this is often a difficult task on touch screen phones.

The design made the Home button visible on all screens, adding to the ease of site navigation. This avoids the need to track back using the back button, which on mobile is a tedious process.

Consumers want information that is easily obtained and digestible. The focus of the user experience has been on a quality experience, presenting the information in a seamless concise manner allowing the user to make an informed decision.

Project Marketing

The Aussie mobile site was launched early August 2011.

The marketing strategy for Aussie is to elevate the mobile site’s presence across a range of marketing and promotion channels - Desktop website, social media, newsletters, ATL and BTL marketing activities.

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