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Project Overview

mHITs is a free payment service that lets you send and receive payments by SMS to anyone with an Australian mobile. mHITs is complete mobile wallet totally separate from your mobile phone account.

mHITs is not an app - it just uses simple SMS so it works on all mobile phones.

Using mHITs is much easier and more convenient than using cash or electronic banking for sending money and making small payments.


mHITs Limited


mHITs Limited

Project Brief

mHITs works on any phone and on any mobile network. You just have to send an SMS to make a payment.

Use mHITs for sending money to friends, IOUs, collecting payments for group events, sending gifts, or buying from an mHITs venue.

mHITs has developed a unique Point Of Sale solution called mPOS designed specifically for cafes and quick service restaurants. It lets you SMS and order ahead before you arrive at the venue. Great for ordering and paying for your morning coffee!

However, we do have iPhone app that makes it easier to use mHITs creating the SMS message for you plus it adds other handy features.

With the mHITs iPhone app you can:

• More easily perform mHITs functions by using buttons instead of remembering keywords
• Send money to anyone with an Australian mobile
• Check your mHITs account balance
• Select an mHITs venue from a list
• Select and order items directly from the menu within the app
• Create a list of favourites for frequently made purchases from venues
• Make a payment to friends by selecting then from your contacts
• Invite a friend to join mHITs by selecting them from your contacts

Project Innovation / Need

mHITs is a micro payment solution dedicated exclusively to the mobile phone. It is ubiquitous - in other words it works on any mobile phone. It does not require a smartphone or app download.

As cash usage declines, mHITs provides a payment solution where other methods such as credit/debit card, EFTPOS, or BPAY cannot. These methods are either too difficult, costly or impossible for some types of payment collection.

Also, mHITs allows both a payment instruction plus order information in a single instruction (i.e. and SMS). Conventional electronic payment methods are "dumb" in that the transaction itself cannot carry other reference information or order details - they need to "surround" themselves with additional infrastructure such as a shopping cart.

mHITs is the only Australian payment service which provides a single, sinmple integrated, merchant payment solution across all main channels: mobile, Point Of Sale and online.

mHITs is ideal for applications such as web and mobile micro billing, cashless vending, parking, and point of sale payments.

Across these, have also developed a number of solutions for key vertical markets: Q-Jumper (Quick Service Restaurants), Easy Canteen (school canteens) and Easy Park (parking).

mHITs is faster, simpler and cheaper than all other mobile payment methods.

User Experience

mHITs is designed to be as simple as possible to use.

Users interact with the mHITs service by sending an SMS with a keyword.

The main keyword and functions are:

PAY - another person
BALANCE - get your account balance
BANK - transfer your funds to your bank account
BUY - from a venue or merchant
INVITE - invite a friend to join mHITs and get $5 when they register

The mHITs iPhone app makes using mHITs a little easier to use by composing the SMS message for you.

Project Marketing

mHITs is undoubtedly a mass-market application with all the marketing challenges that this type of application entails.

While we use social media, PR, pay-per-click advertising, viral marketing and other online and offline promotions, we find that usage is driven according to the market segment that mHITs is applied in.

For example, our Point Of Sale solution is a retail-facing service. We therefore use this presence via merchandising to promote the service including user signups.

Similarly, our Easy Canteen solution drives user signups and usage by virtue of the vertical market it services: parents and school canteens.

We also receive frequent publicity through media for our work. Just search "mHITs" for details.

Finally, we also provide users with a $5 bonus when they invite friends to join mHITs.

The category relates to applications developed to facilitate the transfer of funds over the mobile platform.
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