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Myer iPhone app [DRAFT]


Project Overview

DTDigital recognised that fashion is an interactive thing – you wear it, touch it, look at it. It seemed only natural to bring Myer to the iPhone.

The Myer app brings the complete Myer experience to your pocket. Now you can browse all the products available to buy online and experience the latest trends and fashions. An elegant and seamless user experience combined with rich content reflect the principles of Myer’s in-store experience. In addition, mobile-optimised catalogues and a handy store finder means users have all the information they need to buy online or visit their nearest store.

Project Commissioner

Myer Australia

Project Creator



Alisia Faraguna, Chris Jovanov, Nik Janev, Jeewon Choi, Eric Orton

Project Brief

Myer came to DTDigital with a simple proposition: use mobile platforms to digitally deliver the Myer experience and reach customers in a range of new and engaging ways. The experience of shopping with Myer is unique, and mobile platforms present an opportunity to enhance it and allow people to explore Myer from any location.

Myer also saw an opportunity to mobilise their online store and also make it easy for people to find brick-and-mortar Myer stores. Myer asked us to determine other types of content that would enhance the mobile experience and reach the broadest possible audience of savvy shoppers.

Project Innovation / Need

We identified a huge proportion of traffic was coming through smart phones to view catalogues on the Myer website. We wanted to take advantage of this traffic to not only create a more user-friendly experience to view the catalogues via their mobile device, but also provide inspirational content. As such, it only seemed natural to bring interactive fashion content to the iPhone. We saw a huge opportunity to bring totally unique fashion and product content to the palm of customers’ hands.

The idea for the Myer mobile App was based around offering the Myer customer ‘My Store in My Pocket’ – an app that would put Myer in peoples’ pockets, so they can access inspiring content and useful information at any time and no matter where they are.

But we took this beyond a simple ecommerce and catalogue offering. We also built interactive ways of browsing the latest styles and trends, picking a gift for that special someone and exploring Myer’s designer offerings.

And the results speak for themselves. Since launching, the app has had over 100,000 downloads and created countless happy customers.

User Experience

Using simple navigation and a focus on gorgeous, large imagery, users are able to actively interact with fashion as well as enjoy the Myer experience. It’s built around colour, inspiration, the latest trends but also an elegant shopping experience. This was the principal driver in developing the user experience of the app. We took these features and built an elegant, interactive interface that allowed people to navigate between exploring the latest trends, learning about new products and shopping – all from their smartphone.

Project Marketing

The launch of the Myer iPhone app was promoted through email, social media, the Myer website and press releases to the media.

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