2011 Mobile Awards

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design champion, best studio, best start-up & IoT
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Project Overview

The Woven Image iPad app allow design professionals access to the entire Woven Image catalogue. It does so much more than replace the printed catalogue, however. It works as a B2B tool, but also as a consumer building tool. It integrates into a designer's existing workflow, with features for office and on-site uses, showcases original and inspiring use cases from "Imagination Partners", and integrates with Facebook.

Project Commissioner

Woven Image

Project Creator

Creative Licence Digital


A collaboration between Creative Licence Digital and Woven Image & their 'Imagination Partners'

Project Brief

More than a product catalogue, the Woven Image iPad app is colourful, vibrant, intuitive, and above all, useful. The entire Woven Image product range is represented in the app, saving the need for printing and distribution costs, and streamlining the process for designers to obtain product samples.

The app streamlines the way that Woven Image and their customers work together in many ways. With thousands of finishes, it is very expensive to send catalogues out to designers, architects, and contractors. The iPad app remains connected as an on-site work tool, and the Woven Image app offers several features that enhance the on-site functionality.

As the project evolved, it became obvious that the app would also be a valuable consumer marketing and brand building tool for Woven Image.

Project Innovation / Need

Woven Image have thousands of products, and new items are constantly added to their product range. By representing this information in an iPad app, the problems of keeping printed materials up to date, and notifying customers of changes, have been eliminated.

The app was principally designed as a B2B tool, to make the interactions between Woven Image and their customers and representatives more efficient. As the app progressed, it became obvious that individual designers, students, and members of the design community would likely download and use the app. The app therefore needed the polish and flair that these users would expect.

The interactive colour board enables designers to brainstorm different colour schemes anywhere at all. This could be at the office during the design process, on site with a client, or even during a commute. Once completed, a colour board can be exported via email, or product samples ordered from Woven Image with one touch. This gives designers a powerful tool to use whilst working on their projects, more than simply a product catalogue.

The app does not depend on a live connection, however it is able to update whenever there is a WiFi or 3G connection. This means that the catalogue is always up to date on a customer’s device, and yet is readily available for use in the field, on site at a design project, or simply as a reference at any time.

User Experience

Knowing that the app would be a design community, we knew that we were in for a challenge in building the app. It would not only have to look impressive and stimulate the minds of users, but the user interface would need to be intuitive, effortless, and useful. Being an on-site tool meant that typing words would need to be kept to a minimum. Information would need to be quickly accessible, within one touch.

This led to the creation of the unique home screen, which allows access to every feature in the app without being confusing or unappealing. Features such as the colour wheel based search and the unique colour board tool allow designers to quickly and easily get the information they need.

By adding the ability for users to download high-resolution images from the colour boards they have created, or even to directly order product samples from Woven Image in-app, the user is empowered with a useful app, wherever they might be using it.

Project Marketing

The Woven Image app received a large marketing campaign when it was launched. It was featured on INDESIGNLIVE, INDESIGN magazine, and through EDMs to the design industry. It was the talk of Saturday In Design this year, and continues to be heavily featured in all Woven Image B2B and consumer communication.

This category relates to applications developed in order to aid and facilitate organisations requiring mobility whilst out of the office.
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