2011 Mobile Awards

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Project Overview

The Lexus CT City Challenge is a fun, addictive competitive 3D racing game based competition to promote the new Lexus CT 200h model, hailed as the world’s first luxury hybrid hatch.

The game challenges players to take the Lexus CT200h for a spin through courses modeled after Australia's capital cities, culminating in a live playoff at the Melbourne Motor show and a chance to WIN a Lexus CT 200h

Project Commissioner

The White Agency

Project Creator

Webling Interactive/The White Agency


Strategy: Deniz Nalbantoglu/Ingrid Prowse
Creative: Richard Salter

Project Brief

The Lexus CT City Challenge was designed to showcase the unique features of the car while also providing an exciting user experience.

The game features five courses which progressively unlock as players achieve qualifying scores. The “Slot Cars” style gameplay makes use of the unique hybrid “two modes – two moods” feature of the CT 200h, allowing players to switch between Sport and Eco modes to achieve the best times while saving fuel, therefore scoring high to climb the leader board.

The game is developed via a custom 3D engine and features realistic torque physics, particle animation, sound effects and an original music soundtrack, while still supporting a stylised look.

Project Innovation / Need

The Lexus CT City Challenge rises above a standard mobile campaign by presenting a standalone, multi-level 3D racing game designed to be played and enjoyed beyond the campaign's duration.

The gameplay was tailored specifically to highlight the unique features of the CT 200h leading up to the product launch, rather than the more generic experience found in standard racing games. The "mode switch" option creates a more strategic gameplay, where the user needs to balance speed with fuel efficiency, in the process highlight the features of the product.

The app was also specifically designed to culminate in the live playoff event, featuring two players on two iPhone devices as well as a large projection screen showing both cars racing, an overhead map and live statistics.

User Experience

The Lexus CT City Challenge is designed to get players straight into the action as fast as possible. First, users choose the preferred colour of their in-game CT 200h and can explore the interior of the car to learn more about its unique features. Then, after selecting a racer name they can choose to begin the first course immediately.

The gameplay control is refined to two buttons only and is simple to play, but challenging to master and achieve the best score. Each unlockable track provides trickier turns and a greater challenge.

Players have the option to broadcast their scores for each track across social media, challenging friends to beat their score or their position on the leader board.

Project Marketing

Supported by mobile ads via Google AdMob, the campaign targets to connect with a young urban design and quality conscious audience who are the target market for this model, who can be found abundantly on the Apple AppStore, especially engaging with casual gaming offerings in high quantities and frequencies.

This category recognises the best use of mobile incorporated in a wider marketing campaign.
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